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Community Foundation Programme Launching Soon

Community Foundation Programme Launching Soon

By Doug Millen
25 April 2017
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Coming to a School Near You in September 2017

We recognise the community around us and the wider environment. Launching to give focus to the Rugby's social commitments, our mission is to harness the true power of the Rugby's spirit – our passion, our experience, our heritage and our partners - to improve the life chances of young people aged up to 20.

We are currently developing a range of programmes and partnerships that will engage, inspire, educate and equip the young people we work with, opening doors to new opportunities and transforming lives. We are focusing our work in the areas where we feel we can have the biggest impact. With our belief in the power of sport underpinning our thinking, our work falls under four key themes:

• Healthy bodies, healthy minds
• Education, training and employment
• Participation
• Sustainable communities

We’ve got a lot to do and we’ll be keeping you updated throughout the season, but good things are already happening.


We understand the importance of having both a healthy body and a healthy mind to allow young people to reach their potential. We run a number of programmes that focus on health and wellbeing, including personal development, nutrition and mental resilience.

Something to Chew On

Something to Chew On, in association with Public Health England and BT Sport’s The Supporters Club, is an interactive project aimed at teaching seven to eight year-olds about their own health and wellbeing with a rugby focus. We will be delivering Something to Chew On in six local schools during the season

On the Front Foot, a Department for Education funded initiative, transfers rugby's core values into a range of classroom and practical activities. The activities aim to develop positive character, as well as life skills such as anger management, healthy relationships, money management and communication. This season we will be delivering the six week programme to more than 30 classes in more than 15 schools

Aviva Tackling numbers

Aviva Tackling Numbers is an innovative and engaging programme for Key Stage 2 children, which uses rugby to deliver a range of numeracy challenges, as well as achieving citizenship and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) outcomes. This season we will be delivering Aviva Tackling Numbers to more than 1,200 children in 20 schools, and training 40 teachers

Mentoring and Apprenticeships

As part of our commitment to providing long term, sustainable support to the young people we work with, developing a mentoring and apprenticeship programme. By drawing on the experience and goodwill of our partners, associates and supporters, these opportunities will provide mentees with support and assistance with moving towards education, training or employment. If you or your company are interested in getting involved in this new initiative please contact us

Building potential: We recognise that the young people we work with sometimes need additional support in order to make the most of the opportunities we are helping them to unlock. As a result we are currently looking at how we can develop the relationship we have with the young people we work with, and by offering them a range of wider support, enable them to maximise the opportunities ahead.

We run a range of initiatives in over ten local schools that focus on creating participation opportunities and promoting diversity and equality.


Rugby4All is Premiership Rugby’s innovative programme backed by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). The programme, which we will be delivering in ten local schools aims to:

• Increase the number of women and girls involved in the sport
• Provide better access for disabled people
• Promote the game among Black and Minority Ethnic groups

We are committed to ensuring that our local communities are happy, healthy and sustainable initiatives and activities that will support our goals around creating a brighter future for young people.

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