Club Ethos

Club Ethos
1. Who is the club for?
2. Why do kids play football?
3. How do we measure success?

It is AC Hoylake’s objective that the club provides an opportunity for ALL children to take part and enjoy football from a young age. Whilst delivering a fun, social and challenging environment our coaches will be helping ALL of the children develop their technique and skills through a mixture of training, mini-soccer and junior football matches. Our measure of success is based on the number of players who return every week.

Organisation, squads and monitoring

1. Mini-soccer age groups are treated as one unit. It is vital that age groups do not become fragmented; the group is only separated for matches once squads are formed. A head of age group is to oversee this.

2. All the coaches under the leadership of the age group head must decide which players will be in each squad for the forthcoming season. All players and parents should be made aware of who is in each squad at the same time. Parents can expect some change and movement during the season but they and the players must be made aware of this.

3. All parents or guardians will be expected to understand the respect campaign and will be sent video clips and other relevant information to view.

4. Members of the A C Hoylake committee will monitor training and matches when possible and time permits.

Training Sessions
1. Where a group has more than one team 50% of training should be held together.

2. Coaches will work with different players each week and get to know all players not just those in their squad.

3. The main emphasis with training should be fun and to help the players discover the game, not to impart match tactics upon the players. The main reason for this is that children simply would not enjoy training as much if they were forced into working on shape and tactics, and this is one of the main reasons why so many children drop out of football clubs.

4. If required information will be given to parents and players at the end of the session.

Match Days
1. Let the players play.

2. All players to play at least half of the game.

3. Take care to not sub the same players at the beginning or end of each game.

4. Managers to use a rota to ensure all players get the chance to start and finish a game.

5. If due to poor attendance or attitude equal playing time cannot be guaranteed, then the parents must be informed of this prior to the event.

6. All players will get the opportunity to try all positions during the season.

7. Coaches are required to strictly follow the coaches’ conduct. Positive encouragement is expected from parents and coaches at all times.

8. Patrolling the touchline giving specific instruction must not happen .Players will learn from mistakes they have made without being told they have done wrong.


AC Hoylake Club Ethos