New 2019/2020 Season Registrations

New 2019/2020 Season Registrations

By Les Roberts
5th June
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We’ve only just seen the back of 2018/19 and the new 2019/20 season is on the horizon – the football literally never stops here at AC Hoylake!

Last year was a record year for player registrations, and the club now has more kids on its books and more teams representing it than ever before.

This is great for the club and great for the kids, but not so great for the poor souls who have to deal with registrations - it might seem like Paul enjoys spending his summers surrounded by kit, equipment and endless registration forms, but he’d really rather be out walking or in the pub (preferably a combination of the two, like walking to the pub).

And so, to drag the club’s registration process into the digital age (and help drag Paul out of the house), Aaron Hewitt - our new boys’ player registration secretary - has created a new online player registration form.

Where is AC Hoylake’s new registration form?

The form can be found here:

This will do away with the old paper copies that we used to hand out, and the link below can be emailed or even sent via WhatsApp (if any coaches aren’t using WhatsApp, we really do recommend it, especially the ‘Broadcast’ function which allows coaches to send a message to the group and have all the replies sent to them personally – saves anyone complaining about too many notifications, or muting the conversation and missing some important stuff).

Who needs to complete the form?

Anyone who wants their child to play for the club next season must fill out a form.

This form needs to be sent to all boys and girls who wish to play for the club, and needs to be completed before a ball is kicked next season. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and it means we’ll have electronic copies of all of the information we need, including emergency contact numbers and any medical conditions.

Aaron will collate the electronic replies and inform coaches if any have not come back – if any are missing you will need to chase up the parents. If forms are still missing come the start of the season, then those kids won’t be able to play until the form is complete.

Once all the forms have been completed, we will supply you with a comprehensive team list, including vital medical details and emergency contact numbers for you to keep hold of.

Aaron will also be sorting all Eastham league registrations, while Danny Williams will continue to do the girls’ registrations.

If you have any new players or leavers please let either Aaron or Danny know, an remember that all new players will need a head-shot, which you can take with your phone and send via WhatsApp, text or email.

The form asks for an age group, so please inform your parents that it will be your new age group from September – for example, if you were Under 10 last year, you’ll now be filling in the form for Under 11.

It is important that this is sent out as soon as possible, we really don't want to be chasing forms all summer.

Thanks to Aaron for all his hard work in creating the form, and to him and Danny for taking on the task of sorting player registrations.

And thanks in advance to all coaches for your help with this.

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