AFC Charvil: Looking after your data

AFC Charvil: Looking after your data

By Matt Sharp
22 May 2018
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New AFC Charvil Privacy and Data Protection policies

Dear Player/Parent,

I am sure you have had hundreds of emails about data, privacy and GDPR in recent weeks and months.

New data laws are coming into effect at the end of May, and we have a new club privacy policy (available here on our AFC Charvil Pitchero website) to make it easier to understand what rights you have and how we use your data.

As a summary, in order to operate as a football club and run our teams, we must process player (and parent) data and contact you to organise training, matches, tournaments and club events. This means storing the details each of you provide and sharing this with our coaches and club officials and organisations such as our league (EBFA), tournament organisers and the FA. Under GDPR the performance of our contract with you (to run your football club) provides us lawful basis to store and use your data. All of this is explained in detail in our new privacy policy.

We are committed to:

•Keeping your data safe and secure
•Not using or sharing your data beyond our lawful basis
•Making sure we have your consent for any ways in which we use your data

There are two main secure, GDPR compliant systems used by AFC Charvil for the administration of our club:

Gotfootball for our EBFA player registrations and fixtures (league and cup). The Gotfootball privacy policies can be found here. You should each have access to Gotfootball - if you don't have your log on details then please ask your team coaches/managers - we kindly request you to make sure your details on this system are correct.

Pitchero is used for our club website, to pay player subscription fees and buy event tickets. The Pitchero privacy policies can be found here. If you are registered on Pitchero, we kindly request you to make sure your details on this system are correct.

As our 17-18 season is now over, we won't be pestering you for data consent - yet!

As part of our sign up of players for next season we will be asking for your consent to make sure you are happy with how we may use and/or share your data.

Should you wish to be forgotten by the club then please contact me with your request - such action could result in players becoming ineligible to play in football matches, tournaments or club training sessions.

So, to confirm, AFC Charvil do and will look after your data and you are not required to do anything before signing up for next season.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me via email at


Matt Sharp
AFC Charvil Chairman

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