AFC Charvil New Online Stash Store Open

AFC Charvil New Online Stash Store Open

By Matt Sharp
19 October 2021
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Free Delivery offer for two weeks using code CHARVIL5


We are live with the AFC Charvil online store for merchandise and stash.

Parents, Coaches and Supporters will be able to order items directly from the store.

This means that parents will be able to replace or add items to their collection as they wish - when players grow out of items.

The store contains a pre-approved list of items that are club branded.

Parents are open to buy baselayers, gloves, black shorts and black socks from any shop/supplier but these are available for convenience on the club shop.

We have a range of AFC Charvil stash items:

For spectators:
Hats, thermos bottles, scarves, mugs

For players:
jackets, hoodies, mid layers, training shirts, bags, hats, training pants

For coaches:
Bags, Coats, hoodies, caps, polo shirts, tracksuit bottoms

Bundle deals are available that offer 10% discount

For the first two weeks that the store is open customers are able to claim free delivery using the discount code CHARVIL5 at checkout.

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