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1. Code of Conduct 1

Club Code of Conduct

Aldershot and Fleet RUFC Code of Conduct is aimed at ALL members of the club and should be adhered to at all times when representing the club in any capacity.


The use of abusive, foul, racist or discriminative language will not be tolerated.

We volunteer our time so make sure we enjoy all club activities.

The consumption of alcohol by any member under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.


Treat all club members and opponents with respect, they deserve it and so do you!

Inform team managers or coaches if you are not able to make training sessions

Inform team managers each week about availability for games

No arguing or moaning at other players (especially if they make mistakes)

Paying attention to coaches and other nominated club officials when they are speaking.
o Stop and listen to what they are saying to you.
o Do not interrupt them
o Ask questions of the coaches at the appropriate times
o Put balls down and pay attention
o Keep jovial comments appropriate, in terms of timing and whom they are made to.

Accepting all coaches decisions about training activities and drills

Do not argue with the referee or any other official.
o During league and friendly games or in training

Keep all criticism and comments for the appropriate forum.


Training starts at a certain time, ensure you are ready to start training at that time.

Arrive at the allocated meeting place at the correct time for all games (Home or Away)


Correct personal playing equipment should be brought to all games and sessions

Correct kit should be worn for matches
oShirts are provided; you should bring Boots, Red socks & Blue shorts.

Appropriate attire to be worn when travelling to away games

Trousers, Shoes, Shirt and Club tie for all games (Seniors)

Trousers, Shoes, Shirt for all games (U17)

Trousers, Shoes and Polo Shirt for all games (U13 U16)


No children to be present during final build up to the start of a game (i.e. in the changing rooms, after warm up or in the final pre match huddle)

No smoking during training or in the build up to matches