June 2004 Issue 5
1.The Club shall be known as “Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Union Football Club”.

2.The object of the Club shall be the playing and promotion of the game of Rugby Union Football in the true amateur tradition, where the game is played for enjoyment, no payment will be sort or offered to play, open and inclusive to all regardless to: Race, gender, social background, religion, age or sexual orientation in accordance with the laws of the Rugby Football Union and such other ancillary objectives as the Committee shall, from time to time, decide.

3.The Club shall be affiliated to the Rugby Football Union and the Hampshire Rugby Football Union.

4.The Club colours shall be white, red and blue shirts, blue shorts and red socks.

5.The Committee shall consist of three permanent officers, namely the Chairman (President) , Honorary Secretary Honorary Treasurer, elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), together with other members elected to posts at the meeting.

6.The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall consist of no less than four elected Officers.

7.The Committee has the power to fill vacancies in the Committee occurring between one AGM and another.

8.All Committee members are to attend meetings when called by the Chairman (President), who should provide a minimum of 48 hours notice.

9.If unable to attend, an apology should be given. On the second occasion of non-attendance without an apology, a letter will be sent reminding the member of their obligations. On the third occasion, that member will be removed from the Committee.

10.An agreed selection policy will be adopted at the start of each season and this policy will be communicated to all members and shall be adhered to for the whole of that season.

11.The affairs of the Club in all matters not in these By-Laws shall be managed by the Committee. The Committee shall, on behalf of the Club, have the power to waive liabilities, for which all members shall be jointly and separately liable.

12.An account shall be maintained at a bank in the name of Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Union Football Club and cheques drawn on this account shall be signed by Chairman (President), Treasurer or Secretary.

13.The Club accounts shall be kept by the Hon. Treasurer and audited annually.

14.The financial year shall be from 1st May to 31st April.

15.Subscriptions shall be due on the 1st September each year. A simple majority at a General Meeting shall decide subscriptions and match fees from time to time.

16.Notice of a General Meeting will be given to all members at least 48 hours in advance.

17.Players who have not paid their subscriptions shall not be selected.

18.Players who fall more than two weeks in arrears with match fees will not be selected.

19.No member whose subscription is not fully paid will be allowed to vote or be elected to office at the AGM.

20.The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in May.

21.A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called within 21 days of a request being submitted to the Hon. Secretary, stating the business to be discussed and signed by 15 members.

22.The Committee, who shall have the power to accept or decline any application, shall consider all applications for membership.

23.These rules shall not be altered except at a General Meeting and only on a resolution being carried by not less than a two-thirds majority of those present.

24.A quorum for a General Meeting shall be not less than 12 members, two of who should be Officers of the Club.


All members of the Club are expected to play, or support the playing of, the game of Rugby Union Football in accordance with the spirit of good sportsmanship and fairplay.

In particular members should ensure that in their playing of the game, and also in their general support of the Club and its teams, that they at no time indulge in any unsporting behaviour or activities which could blemish the good name of the Club or bring the reputation of the game into disrepute, namely:

Insulting opponents; making offensive remarks or gestures to the referee, his touch judges or lopposition supporters; deliberately feigning injury; taking property belonging to opponents or their club; publicly criticising the referee via the media; playing under the influence of
excessive alcohol or the influence of drugs; making racial or racist remarks, or behaving in any other way likely to cause offence, including members of the public whilst travelling to
or from a Club fixture.

Members should understand that the Club could be held responsible/answerable to the union for the actions of its members in respect of any misconduct such as those outlined in the aforementioned text.

The Club shall discourage from selection any player who repeatedly infringes this code of conduct and in respect of any such player or member may hold an inquiry into any alleged breach.

The inquiry will be held before the Club’s Disciplinary Committee, which will have a quorum of not less than four officers, namely the Chairman (President), Coach and the member’s Captain and Vice-Captain, which is empowered to suspend or expel from membership any serious offender.

Any action taken by the Club in respect of the aforementioned shall be without prejudice to any sanction(s) imposed on the Club or any of its members by the disciplinary sub-committee of the Rugby Union.

26.The selection panel will have a quorum of not less than two, made up from the following: The Chairperson, Team Captain(s), Coach and/or Hon. Secretary.

The panel will sit on Tuesday before the Saturday’s game.

Players will be informed of the panel’s selection by Thursday prior to Saturday’s game at the latest.

At all times and without prejudice, the panel will select the strongest side, with the sole aim of winning.

Once selected, it is the responsibility of each player to know where and when to meet, the name of the opponents and kick-off time.

It is the responsibility of the team Captain(s) and Vice-Captain(s) to ensure each selected player is aware they have been selected.

Non-members may be selected, providing they abide by the Club rules of conduct and fairplay.

Only registered and paid up members will be selected for league and cup games.

At no time will there be more than 2 (two) non-members in the 1st XV squad, and 4 (four) in the 2nd XV squad selected.

The same non-member cannot be selected more than twice in any one season.

A member or non-member will not be considered for selection if he:

a)is in infringement of the Aldershot & Fleet Rugby Union Football Club, Hampshire Rugby Union or any other Rugby Football Club’s rules or By-Laws.

b) is supporting an injury that will cause them further trouble, or would contribute to the loss of the


c)is not worthy or in the right state of mind.

d)is not physically fit.

e)is not conversant with the rudiments of the Rugby Football game.

f)does not inform the club secretary of his availability before the selection panel sit.

g)does not attend less than one training session in any three week period.

27.In the event of the club ceasing to continue, any assets of the club are to be made available to any member who will endeavour to revive the club and the game of Rugby Football Union in the area. If this cannot be achieved any monies left should be divided among the charities the club are supporting at the time the club is dissolved.