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Amaranth Football Club in its present guise was formed in 1991 by honorary club president Paul Gavins, who had set up an under 10's team to enable his elder son and his friends to play competitive football. That team, along with an under 11's team managed by Malcolm Abdy, had both previously played as Manston Juniors.

Looking for a permanent home and identity for their teams they approached Amaranth Cricket Club to use their pitches at the end of Manston Lane and adopt the "Amaranth" name for their teams. Paul, at that time was manager, coach, secretary, treasurer and grounds man of the newly formed club.

A team, managed by Arthur Childs, had previously played under the Amaranth name a few years earlier, reaching a cup final at Elland Road in their brief but successful history. Unfortunately that team disbanded before any continuity could be established by the formation of additional teams. This first team however did plant the seed for Paul to create his team and play under the Amaranth banner a few years later.

It was this team in 1991 that therefore represented the birth of Amaranth Football Club as we now know it.