Amaranth return to COVID Secure Training

Amaranth return to COVID Secure Training

By Richard Baggott
15 June 2020
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This week will see the return of non-contact, socially distanced training....

It is important that everyone is familiar with the guidance put in place by the Government and Football Association.

we are keen to see the return of football, and more importantly, give players, both junior and adults the chance to see each other, interact and return to some level of social interactions, we will only allow training to proceed that is conducted in a safe and COVID-SECURE manner.

Amaranth has put in a number of steps to ensure the Government guidelines can be followed including;

  • Permitting the use of Amaranth pithes for all training, removing the risks associated with training in a public space
  • Closing down the clubhouse for players, parents, supporters and coaches to reduce the risk of cross infection from frequently used touch-points.
  • Developing three separate training areas for use by different teams, and maximising occupancy at the club to just three teams at a time.
  • Staggering training times to allow a 30 minute turnaround between teams to allow one to leave before the next arrives.

The coaches have been given detailed guidance that they must adhere to, and as a club, we will be making regular checks to ensure the guidelines are being followed.

West Riding County FA have issued guidelines for adult players, parents and carers and coaches - which can be viewed HERE.

Whilst a return to social activities such as football training is classed as a risk, we believe we can allow this activity to begin in a safe and secure way, however we relying on the vigilance and compliance of all.

If you attend any sessions and feel any aspects of the guidelines are not being adhered to, please contact in confidence where we will fully investigate any reports.

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