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Wed 02
First Team
Latimer 1
1st team beat Latimer's first team

1st team beat Latimer's first team

By Ben Vaughan
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A good start to the season

Last night, our first team beat Latimer's first team by 2.5-1.5

02 Oct Anstey 1 v Latimer 1
1 B 139 Foreman, Brian 1 - 0 Slater, Brian L 117
2 W 117 Sandham, Mick 1 - 0 Garland, Michael (snr) 108
3 B 122 Vaughan, Ben 0.5-0.5 Hill, Granville 104
4 W 60 Buckley, David 0 - 1 Davis, Richard T 86

David was the first result - after a promising attack on the Queenside, David lost on time after his opponent attacked him on the Kingside. David is new to league chess and kept forgetting to press his clock after his moves. Brian won his game against another Brian aft Brian S fell for a Knight fork and resigned. I was next to finish after winning a pawn and holding a defence but I was forced to give the pawn back and enter a dead drawn endgame.
Mick finished last in a very exciting and close middlegame. Eventually, Mick's opponent made a mistake and allowed a forced mate with both of them in time trouble.

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Wed 02, Oct 2019