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Wed 16
Loughborough 3
First Team
1st team beat Loughborough 3

1st team beat Loughborough 3

By Ben Vaughan
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A good win for the team

16 Oct Loughborough 3 v Anstey 1
½ – 3½
1 B 124 Adcock, Terry 0 – 1 Foreman, Brian 139
2 W 106 Hickman, Peter ½ – ½ Sandham, Mick 117
3 B 78 Gordon, Stewart 0 – 1 Vaughan, Ben 122
4 W 45 Dyer, Graham 0 – 1 Connor, Matthew 120

A full strength Anstey 1st team travelled to Loughborough and got the win. Loughborough didn't endear themselves to us by the late opening of the venue and then subsequently not being there until 7:30pm onwards. The match started around 15 minutes late.
Matt Connor finished first on his competitive debut for the team by blowing our Saturday chess club friend Graham Dyer away in under 45 minutes. Graham had had enough by the time his Queen was lost and a couple of pieces for zero compensation.
I was next to finish having done my best to make a meal out of an unorthodox Sicilian opening by Stewart. I have to say that I am unsure if it was my moves or his that were unorthodox! I was a pawn down for nothing and in an inferior position but once a pair of rooks came off and before that the Queens, I was able to create a threat of my own. Stewart misplayed against this threat and lost a Rook and a piece. Within 3 moves, he resigned.
Mick Sandham finished next. I didn't see any other games because for a long time, I was trying to work out how not to lose my own game! I got to the board and it looked fairly even. Mick has an uncanny knack of making positions look level whilst I am extremely worried for him! The pieces were traded down and a dead drawn endgame was achieved. Having had his second draw offer rejected, Mick said 'I'm not offering again'. I don't think the people in Rothley heard that comment but his opponent did and accepted the draw.
Finally, Brian on board one. Brian was looking like he was losing an exchange with his Rook under attack by a Bishop. The not so subtle Rd7+ looked like a forced mate in 5 or 6 (your webmaster couldn't see it) but Brian took an absolute age to play Rd7+ followed by Qh3+. Eventually - with less than 5 minutes on his clock, Brian delivered a less subtle forced mate that was inevitable.
Well done team!

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Wed 16, Oct 2019