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Rank 26
Wed 13
Red Admiral
First Team
1st team come out on top

1st team come out on top

By Ben Vaughan
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1st Team beat Red Admiral away

13 Nov Red Admiral v Anstey 1
1 – 3
1 B 140 Arnold, Martin ½ – ½ Foreman, Brian 139
2 W 143 Johnson, Andy ½ – ½ Sandham, Mick 117
3 B 106 Matts, Stephen 0 – 1 Vaughan, Ben 122
4 W 86 Slater, Mick 0 – 1 Connor, Matthew 120

An excellent victory. Andy Johnson seemed to have been recruited for this one, having not played before this game.
I finished first, beating my young opponent by basically winning a pawn and trading everything off into a won endgame.
Brian finished next, having won a pawn in an unclear position, which Brian said was winning, the Queens came off and levelled things up and a draw was agreed with Brian low on time.
Matt finished next with a tricky position in which he was a piece up but had to parry some threats. Once the Queens came off Matt was a piece up and followed through another won endgame.
Mick was last to finish; him and his opponent were low on time in a notoriously difficult Rook and pawn ending. Mick was forced to sac his Rook for a Queening pawn and with his opponents Rook and King at the other end of the board, proceeded to charge forward with a Queenside pawn majority leading eventually a passed Rook's pawn backed up by his King. In the end with low time being increased by increment and quick play, they agreed a draw with a pawn about to Queen on h2 and a rook that couldn't prevent it from Queening.

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Wed 13, Nov 2019