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Thu 05
Latimer 2
First Team
1st Team win against Latimer

1st Team win against Latimer

By Ben Vaughan
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The 1st team won away at Latimer

05 Dec Latimer 2 v Anstey 1
1½ – 2½
1 B 104 Hill, Granville 1 – 0 Foreman, Brian 139
2 W 97 Gamble, David 0 – 1 Sandham, Mick 117
3 B 92 Gurney, Roy 0 – 1 Vaughan, Ben 122
4 W 86 Davis, Richard T ½ – ½ Connor, Matthew 120

Having 'slipped up' against Latimer's second team two games ago, we turned it around by winning 2.5-1.5.
First to finish was Mick Sandham, avenging his turnaround against David Gamble when David blundered his Queen for no apparent compensation and resigned a couple of moves later.
I finished next, also avenging my earlier defeat against Roy Gurney. A couple of tactical skirmishes meant that I need up a piece up and was able to convert.
Matt finished next in a dead level position against Rich Davis - draw agreed and match won.
Last to finish was Brian. Brian was hopelessly low on time and in a seemingly level position, Brian's flag dropped, allowing Granville to win on time.

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Thu 05, Dec 2019