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Rank 27
Wed 11
First Team
Braunstone 4
1st team win against Braunstone 4

1st team win against Braunstone 4

By Ben Vaughan
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A home victory for the 1st team

11 Dec Anstey 1 v Braunstone 4
3½ – ½
1 B 139 Foreman, Brian 1 – 0 Gulab, Vijay 115
2 W 117 Sandham, Mick 1 – 0 Steel, Martin 104
3 B 122 Vaughan, Ben ½ – ½ Closs, Guy 88
4 W 120 Connor, Matthew 1 – 0 Barlow, Steve 86

An excellent result that probably flattered us a little bit given the actual over the board games!
Matt finished first being an exchange up and leaving his opponent in 'zugzwang' where his opponent has to make a move that is detrimental to his position and he resigned.
I was next to finish with a draw. Post match analysis says I missed a tactic late in the game but due to bad time management, I was unable to spot it and a draw by repetition was agreed.
I think that Mick finished next. In a stodgy middle game, progress was hard but Mick was able to push and get a back rank forced mate, with both players also low on time - both were near enough just their his increments!
Brian was last to finish. Again, both players were low on time but Brian's opponent tried a Kingside push that was probably the wrong plan. Brian was able to hoover up his opponent's pawns and victory was inevitable.

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Wed 11, Dec 2019