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Rank 26
Wed 18
First Team
Wigston 4
1st team win again!

1st team win again!

By Ben Vaughan
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1st team pull off brilliant victory

18 Dec
Anstey 1

Anstey 1 v Wigston 4
2½ – 1½
Foreman, Brian ½ – ½ Woods, Trevor
Sandham, Mick 0 – 1 Mottram, Paul
Vaughan, Ben 1 – 0 Whitehouse, Guy
Connor, Matthew 1 – 0 Milligan, Alex

An excellent result for the team.
First to finish was Brian, claiming that his opponent came for a draw and got a draw, trading off pieces as soon as possible and achieving a level endgame. A draw was a fair result.
I finished next, playing against a blind player. This was a first for me, although not for Anstey because Rudy played the same opponent earlier this year. I managed to complicate the position enough that my opponent took a lot of time thinking and eventually his clock ran out of time. I felt bad winning this way and in the end I was pressing the clock for him! I had won two pawns and his position was lost and he resigned.
Cold-ridden Mick finished next and in a complicated position, made a bit of a mess in the opening, got back into the game and let his opponent push through on the Queenside and lost crucial pawns, therefore he resigned.
So it was all down to Matt (not for the first time!) Matt was exceptionally low on time but played the endgame a Rook up for a Knight very well indeed and in the end trapped his opponent's Knight in the corner with a combination of the Rook and a pawn, leaving his opponent very few moves to make and he resigned too.

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Wed 18, Dec 2019