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Wed 15
First Team
Heathcote Arms 1
Anstey Win at home

Anstey Win at home

By Ben Vaughan
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Anstey 1 beat Heathcote Arms at home

15 Jan Anstey 1 v Heathcote Arms 1
2½ – 1½
1 B 139 Foreman, Brian ½ – ½ Harrison, Peter 135
2 W 117 Sandham, Mick 1 – 0 Manger, John 129
3 B 122 Vaughan, Ben 1 – 0 Cowley, Michael 122
4 W 120 Connor, Matthew 0 – 1 Beach, Ray 76

This was the big test. If Heathcote brought their top 3 boards, they hadn't lost a match. They brought them.
Battle commenced at 7:30pm sharp. All games were still going at 9:30pm, such was the intensity.
First to finish was Brian on board 1. A dead draw in a rook and queen ending and a draw was very fair.
Next to finish was myself on board 3. Both of us were low on time and Mike's flag appeared on the clock screen but I was in a better position having got the open file nailed and an exchange up.
Next was Matt's first defeat of the season the the experienced Ray Beach. Things were fairly level and after a few trades, Ray's pieces were better placed and Matt was mated when very low on time.
At 1.5 - 1.5 each - flashback to last season - Mick was last to finish, needing a result. Having played a very neat tactic to win a piece, Mick's ending was won. Having a won endgame and winning it are two different things though but Mick played very well to fork his opponent's rook and King and force a resignation.

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Wed 15, Jan 2020