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Thu 30
Latimer 1
First Team
1st team lose to Latimer 1

1st team lose to Latimer 1

By Ben Vaughan
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1st team suffer first defeat of the season against Latimer 1

30 Jan Latimer 1 v Anstey 1
3 – 1
1 B 121 Vallabhdas, Jayesh 1 – 0 Foreman, Brian 139
2 W 117 Slater, Brian L 1 – 0 Sandham, Mick 117
3 B 108 Garland, Michael ½ – ½ Vaughan, Ben 122
4 W 104 Hill, Granville ½ – ½ Connor, Matthew 120

We had been saying for weeks that Latimer could prove to be a bogey side. As is the case in Div 4 - anybody could beat anybody. Be it the cold, crummy venue, the grumpy bar staff or psychologically in our heads, Latimer are a thorn in our side!
First to finish was Matt on board 4. In an even looking game, Matt was threatening a royal fork but Granville spotted that the Knight could be taken and being short on time, Matt offered a draw, which was accepted a few moves later.
I was next to finish. Having got a good opening, my pieces were gradually made to look passive with Mike Garland playing very well to achieve this. Mike won an exchange and a pawn from me but I was finding the moves that kept me hanging on in the game. In the end, I got down to 6 seconds, playing on increment and I actually missed a win (taking a rook for nothing) in time trouble and a draw was agreed.
In amongst this time scramble, both Mick and Brian lost their games on boards one and two. I didn't see too much of them because I was trying to work out how to hang on in my game!
We've played 10 games and that was our first defeat, so we remain top of the league with Wigston 4 hot on our heels, having played a game less than us.

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Thu 30, Jan 2020