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Rank 26
Thu 27
Wigston 4
First Team
1st team draw

1st team draw

By Ben Vaughan
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1st team drew away at promotion rivals Wigston

27 Feb Wigston 4 v Anstey 1
2 – 2
1 B 123 Dawkins, Stuart ½ – ½ Foreman, Brian 139
2 W 120 Corlett, Les 0 – 1 Sandham, Mick 117
3 B 115 Cooper, Barrie 1 – 0 Vaughan, Ben 122
4 W 111 Mottram, Paul ½ – ½ Connor, Matthew 120

A pleasing result, if not a pleasing result personally!
We had to avoid defeat to keep our noses in front in the title race and with this being my new club against my old club, I was a little nervous. Considering Mick's position after 15-20 moves, I had reason to be nervous and with Matt playing out a bore draw with 1. d6 as black, the nerves were frayed somewhat. Mick finished first and after going a Rook down, it seemed that his opponent relaxed on his way to victory. Mick got his foot in the door and rammed it down, blitzing his opponent with some excellent moves. Mick said afterwards that his opponent had to be careful being greedy and piece capturing because of Mick's attacking threats.
Next to finish was the bore draw on board 4. A quick exchange of Queens and Rooks led to a level minor piece ending and both players seemed content to agree a draw.
Next was my loss to my old mate Barrie. We've played many a friendly game before and I had spent time preparing for the Sicilian Dragon. He played the Shveshnikov which I was totally unprepared for. Black ends up with a backward d pawn which I targeted and it seems that my capture of it may have been a mistake. I thought I had calculated that my Knight would be safe, but I missed a move that Barrie saw and went down the exchange in a lost position. I resigned some moves later.
Finally was Brian. A lot of pieces were still on the board and Brian offered a draw, which was accepted. I think there was a lot more chess to play in the game but Stuart accepted the draw.

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Thu 27, Feb 2020