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1. 2019/20 season winners

Congratulations to all of the Club Award winners for season 2019/2020 which were announced at the AGM on 4.9.2020. They were:

Club Awards
Bob Greatorex Team of the Year: Men’s 3’s
Ken Miller Player of the Year: Emma Bashford-Hynes & Ryan Croxon
Ron Cooksey Progress Cup: Callum Tickner & Martina Clarke
Bar Team of the Year: To be decided (TBD)
Auntie Audrey's Auder of Merit: TBD
Ian Moloney lower XI Player of the Year: David Brant
Maria Taylor Enthusiasm Trophy: Sue Westlake
Ken Miller male Colt of the Year: Harry Parker
Simon Morley female Colt of the Year: Talia Thompson

Team Player’s of the Season
Ladies 1s: Nadia Parsons
Ladies 2s: Jade Johnson
Ladies 3s: Vanessa Law
Ladies 4s: Lucie Stevens

Men's 1s: Matt Law
Men's 2s: Jack Barber
Men's 3s: Jim Berressem
Men's 4s: Devraj Paradesi