Ashton United FC Supporters' Club
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1. Ashton United FC Supporters' Club

The SC has close links with AUFC Board, Directors and Management and is run solely by the membership, the main Officials are Chris Tommlison (Secretary) Dave Robinson (Treasurer} and Chairman (Vacant). The SC future plans include:-

1. To increase SC Membership - So that fans can feel more a part of their team and all new ideas or involvement are welcomed.
2. SC meeting to be held on the first Thursday of the Month.
3. Use of the official forum on a regular basis to keep everyone informed of SC matters, information can also be found via our Twitter Accounts, @ashtonunitedfc @TamesiderAUFC and on our Facebook page.
4. Develop new fund raising schemes

The main aims of the SC are to raise funds and contribute towards future needs of the Football Club. After all, we all want a successful and thriving Ashton United.