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AOE COVID Policy Update

AOE COVID Policy Update

By Sophie Ferriman
10 September 2020
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Chairman of the AOE Association, Ross Hart, gives us an update following Boris’ announcement yesterday


we need your help to ensure we all follow them.

You can only be seated within your group of no more than 6.

You MUST stay in your seat and not move any tables or chairs.

You MUST stay seated within your group.

You MUST provide your contact details on entry to the bar.

You MUST use the hand sanitiser on entry to the club house and toilets.

You MUST use the one way system.

You MUST not stand at the bar.

You MUST remember this is not the bar staff fault.

You MUST remember if the bar staff sounds irritated it’s because they have repeated these requests several time.

Please remember this is a government rules, if we can Not keep within these rules we will have no choice but to close the club completely.

Your chairman
Ross Hart

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