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Aveley Football Club16 Jan 2015 - 19:50
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A view from the terraces from Sam Bunker

In all honesty I haven’t been there from the start. I started following Aveley after the season had started.

A friend and I decided we go and see a game on Non League Day. Home to Heybridge Swifts. 2-1 win, a good game and a good win. So we decided to go to the next game. Another home game, another win.

After the game we went to the bar for a pint and found the other side that is so great about the club. Talking to the other fans that have been coming for years. Meeting a couple of the players, and then chatting to the officials, till 12:30am finding out the history of the club, the plans for the future and what it really takes to run a football club at this level.

From that point on we were Aveley fans.

The next 3 games the winning streak continued, before a bad run of games started.

Then came the F.A cup. And one of my personal season highlights. Willand Rovers away and a long coach trip down to Devon. I know we lost and that was hard to take, but the actual coach trip for me was what being a fan is all about. Having fun. But at the same time getting an insight into the workings of the club, the players etc. again helping me appreciate what's involved in the running of the club. Definitely a good away day.

The next run of games I think we were unlucky with some very dubious decisions. Burgees Hill away, for example. They won, because the referee awarded a penalty. From a corner, not a hand-ball, not a foul, not even a questionable challenge. But a penalty nonetheless. Then later in the same game the best decision yet. Offside given, from a throw in!

Then came another highlight. Chelmsford City at home. Something about the aura around them showed they thought they were a much bigger club, and that visiting Mill Field was a place they really didn’t want to come to. But we outplayed them. All over the park. And they only got back in it because of a dubious offside decision. But we carried on as before outplaying them, and got the reward.

Hopefully the next round we will be just as dominant……….if the rain stops anyway.

The last game, away to Chatham, again showed what the players have. 5-0 away from home doesn’t happen every weekend. A great game and full of entertainment on and off the pitch.

As for what the rest of the season holds. We should make the playoffs. And there is no reason why we can’t progress in the cup.

I just want to continue seeing what I do. Football played by those with a real love for the game, managed by a man with a real love for the team.

And I want to see attendance grow. Lets get more down, and get a real atmosphere going.

#AveleyFamily #SonsofAveley

Sam Bunker

Twitter: @sambuka83

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