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Man of the Match- Aveley 2-1 Thurrock

Man of the Match- Aveley 2-1 Thurrock

Aveley Football Club20 Jan 2015 - 16:22
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Man of the Match - Petrit Elbi

His superb hold-up play brings the wingers and midfield up to support him and it gets the Millers on the front foot.

Since his injury he has gone to another level, and his performance last night summed it up, another goal and superb play in general, and it showed the threat he was when he was kicked all over the pitch.

The likes of Junior Baker and Spencer Harrison also equally out in lion-heart performances as they threw their bodies on the lines for the club.

Mathias Bakare and Theo Ola with their superb deliveries for Elbi and Marcus Elliott to finish.

Paul Preston and Ahmed Deen out in solid performances.

James Marrable also made superb saves for the Millers.

But the Millers man of the match was Petrit Elbi.

Craig Johnson- "Petrit Elbi worked his butt off, great performance all round"

Dave Bricknell- "Thought Pat was fantastic, caused them problems Everytime he got the ball."

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