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Man Of The Match- Needham 3v0 Aveley

Man Of The Match- Needham 3v0 Aveley

Aveley Football Club22 Feb 2015 - 12:14
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Despite defeat there were still good performances up until the second Needham goal, and the man of the match...

... has to go to James Marrable.

James Marrable was superb and didn't deserve to have three goals end up in the back of his net. He made a stunning save from a free kick in the second half as it deflected off the wall and went the opposite direction to Marrable, but somehow he finger tipped it wide of the goal.

He then saved brilliantly again as he first saved well from a Newson near post effort and then minute later saved from a Adam Mills header which again was saved in flying fashion.

Ahmed Deen since arriving at Mill Field has done a superb job but has slipped under the radar from many people, and although he has played better then yesterday, he still played at a very high standard and looked comfortable on the ball and made good tackles.

Alex Stavrinou also played well with good tackles and very good link up play with Holland, Stevenson and Ola during the game.

However James Marrable made the biggest contribution keeping the goals down to three with superb saves.

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