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Match Reaction- Justin Gardner on Harlow 4-1 Millers.

Match Reaction- Justin Gardner on Harlow 4-1 Millers.

Aveley Football Club29 Feb 2016 - 16:03
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After an unlucky and controversial defeat to Harlow Town, Millers Gaffer, Justin Gardner has his say on the match.

We did not deserve to lose that game 4-1 that’s for certain
- Justin Gardner

"I thought we played well and to be honest controlled the match apart from a crazy ten minute where they scored a few goals.

The turning point was when we missed a penalty, which if scored would've put us 2-1 up. When we missed it really did take the stuffing out of the boys as they worked so hard up until that point.

You have to bare in mind that we are a young team playing against well established Ryman Senior players. Players who know how to go about things, but in all walks of life you pay for what you get.

But for me in the match there was three key points. Their centre half should’ve been booked when he came through the back of [Liam] Nashey and took his legs away from him on the centre circle. Then on the stroke of half time Fallah is through 1 on 1 at goal and their centre back brings him down, I was fully expecting a red card and a free-kick to us when I heard the whistle but instead it was for half time.

I know you could tell by their players and our players reaction that it was the easiest decision I have seen this season, but then to make matters even worse he then scores the crucial 3rd goal for them.

Even their players told me that he really did get away with that. But we seemed to use that as motivation, because we came out in the second half all guns firing, and in all truth should’ve had a couple of goals before we missed that pen.

But I cannot believe that there was over 25 fouls from them and not 1 card was handed out. I don’t want to see people get booked but at the same time I don’t want to see my players get hurt. And as you saw I had to make two substitutions due to late tackles on them.

Take nothing away from Harlow Town who were ruthless in front of goal and that’s what I said to my lads. They took their chances and we didn't take ours, but I guess that’s why their front players deserve the money they get.

Our goal was scored by Nashey and again he proved that he is a good player who will only get better with time and experience. Myself and Aveley have been able to give him that platform to express himself, where at other clubs they may not have, that is why he is happy playing for me.

Once he [Liam Nash] learns to stick to a game plan like all young players and really believe in what he is doing for 90 minutes he will go on to have a very successful career. He really does have the lot, once his decision making improves, he will be a better player for it.

Also playing for the first time against Harlow after a four month break was Brian Okwera, I mean what can you say about Brian that’s not been said already? To play in a game of that quality not having played for four months and to not look out of place just shows you he is top draw. He is one of those players that excites his team mates and management when he is playing, he is just that good.

Two things I'm disappointed about Saturday was we let the penalty miss affect us and we never took our chances. But we did not deserve to lose that game 4-1 that’s for certain.

Good luck to Harlow, hope they go up this year."

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