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Past Players 1 of 2

1. Avonvale Old Boys

Following a campaign to get back in touch with some former players, the following have expressed an interest in keeping in touch and, pending availability, attending a re-union during the season:

Andrew Ball
Steve Ball
Martin Bath
Damian Biswell
Jack Blanchard
Keith Blankley
Mike Conway
John Crabbe
Dave Ellis
Alex Fereday
Spencer Fereday
Mick Fitch
Paddy Fox
Grenville Franklin
Peter Ginnever
Chris Gover
Colin Gray
Moz Hall
Herbie Hancock
Steve Hendy
Chris Hobbs
Graham Howell
John Jefferies
David Johnson
Steve Johnston
Ian Joslin
Peter Kilmister
Gwyn Lewis
Stuart Little
Lee Meddick
Jamie Morgan
Andrew Murray
Gary Palmer
John Rea
Dave Russell
Chris Skelton
Andy Taylor
Martin Veal
Robert (Butch) Vowles
Steve Vowles
George Wade
Julian Wade
Mike Wareham
John Williams
Mike Woodward

And the following ex-players are still to be seen at Avonvale regularly:

Gordon Beazer
Paul Beazer
Malcolm Bentley
Derek Brown
Stan Cherry
Alan Hobbs
Steve Hunt
Kevin Moggridge
Gareth Neate
Matt Russell
Malcolm Stanton
Peter Swords
Nick Taylor
Robert (Legs) Taylor

However we are still waiting to hear from or trying to get in touch with the following old boys:

John Bean
Paul Clarkson
Brian Crouch
Sam Crouch
Simon Dugan
Andrew Fitzgerald
Lee Fudge
Simon Harris
Damian Johnson
Andy Millidge
Richard Oliver
Ian Rae
Chris Smart
Shane Smart
Colin Staples
Danny Witts
Lance Barrs
Ivor Bentley
Paul Blankley
Steve Fielder
Steve Grant
Dave (Torchy) Hall
Eric Hill
David Jordan
Jonny Perkin
David (Kiwi) Reed
Paul Richardson
Graham Alford
Nigel Ashman
David Bailey
Bob Bean
Imran Begg
Brian Bishop
Martin Blanchard
Peter Blanchard
Greg Bowerman
Geoff Bowles
Tony Box
Dave Bright
Richard Brinkhurst
?(Andy'sBrother) Burgess
Andy Burgess
Charlie Burgess
Andy (Angles) Burns
Nathan Caple
Ian Chatten
Julian Chun
Andy Coombe
Chris Cowling
Shaun Cruise
Steve (Boon) Derrick
Pete Duncan
Tony Edwards
Geoff Elwell
Nigel Elwell
Peter Finch
Andy Fleming
Steve Foxcroft
Kevin Franklyn
Richard Fudge
Neil Gillett
Simon Gover
Steve Green
Alan Hayward
Odrun Healey
Peter Healey
Adrian Hews
Andy Hews
Andy Holloway
Steve Homewood
Bill Horseman
Matt Horseman
Phil James
Steve (Rhino) Johnson
Chris Jones
Mike (Bubs) Jones
Steve Kelly
Andy Knapp
Don Leach
Vic Llewllyn
Steve Lodge
Dan Lowes
Paul Lowes
Kenny Lycett
Dave Maddox
Sean McLeod
Ed Meade-King
Bob Miller
Lindsey Minty
Greg Montivaldi
Gary Morgan
Merv Morris
Roger Munnings
Dave Newcombe
Dave Porter
Andy Potter
Paddy Reid
Ray Richards
Ged Robinson
Pete Russell
Steve Russell
Duncan Shaw
Ken Short
Brian Simpson
Andy Slater
Phil Smart
Gary Taylor
Nigel Taylor
Andy (Thommo) Thompson
Barry Thorburn
Richard Trout
Ben Voke
Andy Watters
Duncan Watters
Graham (Bimmer) Watters
Barry Watts
Anthony Weeks
Nigel Weeks
Steve White
Nick Wiltshire
John Withers
Bob Yarr
John (Johnny Z) Zownir

If you have contact details for any of them, please get in touch and ask them to contact the club.

There are loads more former Vale players who we would love to hear from, if you have any names you want to add, preferably with any contact details you may have, then please send an e-mail to with the information.