By Alex Maudsley
20 January 2020
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The Ath are heading off on tour!

Ahoy me ol’ mateys, ‘ere be an announcement for ye!
The 2020 Ath tour is approaching and there has been mutterings amongst the crew of the next port to plunder for this year. Everything here is being meticulously designed to cater for the average rugby knuckledragger - budget lodgings, budget travel, budget ale, but monstrous rugbies!

But as for the destination…
Hints were dropped lately through the posts of members of the committee, some more subtle than others. While some may be concerned about the recent decline in global fish population and the possible implications of a hard Brexit affecting the fishing markets of the UK and possibly creating a war in the north sea and British channel for fishing rights…*ahem*…through much pondering, we have selected a port to harbour in a fishing town by the sea.
Shiver not ye timbers as We shall be laying anchor in the salty town of Grimsby, amidst the fine sea air and bountiful lasses
Being the birth town of many famous people including Guy Martin (the racing man off of th’ telleh), Joanne and Kevin Clifton (them dancers on Strict-leh) and Ian Huntley (…) it hosts many fantastic faces off the celebrity world.
Famous for possibly only one thing in recent history, being that Sacha Baron Cohen starred in a movie based around this charming town.

I’m sure the local tour guide at the tourism reception will happily fill you in on more wonderous details relating to this fabulous town, however I’m sure you have already got your apps out seeing how many pennies can be spared towards this fantastic vacation.
The committee intend to make this tour possible for the price of 100 pieces of 8/£100. This will cover you for accommodation, a memorable tour shirt, insurances, travel to and from the hotel departing from Leicester. The remainder of which shall be line the tour chest with dabloons for the wench houses and rocky teverns, and will also pay for gifts to the hosts, and alternative tour activites/props.
There will of course be a rugby game, hosted by the GRUFC Second XV who will be a spineless bunch of scurvy ridden scallywags.
In case you hadn’t guessed yet, the theme of this expedition shall be pirates! Dressing up to the venue on the Friday will be encouraged.

A deposit of £40 will be required to secure you spot which will be required to be paid by the end of Feburary (the 29th). Outstanding balances will be required at least 2 weeks before the tour date (15th of March). Deposits are required in advance so that preparations can be made in advance for discount purchases such as cheaper hotels, cheaper buses and cheaper activities. If you do not pay quickly, you may end up in the street as spaces for hotels are limited.
Banking information is as follows
Sort Code: 40-10-00 Account: 21342894.

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