Sat 05
Leicester Medics
2nd XV - The Twos
  Whats that coming over the hill

Whats that coming over the hill

By Alex Maudsley
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Is it a game plan? Is it a game plan?!

Travelling off down the road today to some stunning pitches over in Oadby to play some feisty youngsters who will apparently be looking after our medical needs in years to come. Luckily we had enough cars to take us there this time without too much of a kerfuffle.
The warm up was improved this week, a little bit more structure, and a bit more flowing up until the point we had to scout for a missing key any delayed everything for 5 minutes...

Still we went underway after Damo came back from a nip to the bogs, and god we were much more improved. We had Pods! Finally! A working system of forwards attack. We battered it up front, and were met with intense tackling and ruck speed but we were so much better improved than last week. Really really happy with that. The backs managed to get some decent ball, but they were under pressure from a cracking rush defence. Scrums were mostly dominant as they couldn't seem to hold it up from their side and Michael Bush despite being a relatively new returner to the rugby field was really making them work for it. Weg had some cracking runs and Damo was trying to make the footwork do the talking up front but we didn't manage to clinch any points on the field.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to say in terms of our final scoreline as we lost 5 tries in the first half mostly by what can only be described as a mini Ellis Genge working at Hooker who managed to bounce 5 tackles in a row and still run over the line. Very impressive. Our defence had also improved a bit as well, as we were spreading further out to deal with the wide ball a little easier.

A quick refuel at half time and the forwards were flagging a bit we held off the opposition for a solid 10 minutes with some incredible back field cover from Aiden including at least 1 or 2 try saving tackles. Substitutions were made and the backs (my bad guys) were a little bit unsure of what the plan was. with 8 subs and 5 wingers and not much of a handle on things we lost a bit of the flow after 15 minutes in. Once the forward subs had come on too, the tries started filling up and they sent through about 4 in the last 20 or so minutes.

Disappointing end, but I'm really proud of the progress we are showing signs of making. Thank you to everyone for sticking with the game plan because I believe in the end it will pay off.

Man of the match was tough, Weg had a cracker almost scoring twice off the back of a scrum, Michael dominated the scrum and I was really happy with another brilliant performance from Fingers in the first half. The opposition said it was apparently me, but seeing as I can't seem to give myself a compliment or a break, and I can't vote for myself, Aiden Coffey, for an outstanding 80 minutes at fullback. Worried all game that no one else was able to fill the role, he took the job and was incredible. Top Marks.

Dick of the day was going to be Dave Clarke for losing the key for the valuables locker on the pitch, but then he redeemed himself by finding it in the changing rooms. In his stead, unfortunately it was claimed by Damo for a second week in the row, for kicking the ball to the opposition in open play which they then promptly scored in the first half, apologising for the error of his ways and then the exact same thing happening in the second half. Ouch.

Next week we are back in League territory so it's game faces on come Saturday morning. A note to all the 2's players, we currently in a phase of club rugby I have yet failed to have been a part of before where we almost have too many players to field. I must implore you to come to training so you can hone your skills, and prove your worth on the field. Everyone will still get a game, but you have to put the effort in for the teamsheet positions.

Love you all and have a good rest day today!

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Sat 05, Oct 2019



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Meet Old Horse 1pm - Cars leaving at 1.15pm prompt
If going direct, please be at the Stoughton Road playing fields for 1.30pm, prompt.
Aiden Coffey

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Aiden Coffey