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8. Safeguarding Policy 2021/22

Key Principles of the RFU Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adult Policy are:

The welfare of the child or vulnerable adult is, and must always be paramount to any other considerations.
All participants regardless of age, gender, ability or disability, race, faith, culture, size, shape, language, sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse or harm.
All allegations or suspicions of abuse, neglect, harm and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately.
Working in partnership with other organizations, statutory agencies, parents, carers, children and young people is essential for the welfare of children and young people.
Children have the right to expect support and personal and social development delivered by an appropriately recruited, vetted and managed in relation to their participation in rugby union, whether they are playing, volunteering or officiating in the community or professional areas of the sport.


BRFC safeguarding policy 2021