Discipline Process 1 of 2

1. BRFC Disciplinary Panel

Bancroft RFC Disciplinary Panel exists to hear any matter that relates to unsportsmanlike conduct on or off the playing field, any incident of violence or abuse, or anything that might bring the Game or the Club into disrepute.

The Club panel's jurisdiction is the club's premises, its teams, its members and staff, guests or visitors.
Therefore behaviour related to supporting and playing of sport, home or away, Senior, Junior or Mini, by Club Members or those non-members who might be construed as representing the Club, will all fall under the Panel's remit.
For members of visiting clubs, the Panel may meet to make recommendations to, or decisions about, that club and its members.

The BRFC Disciplinary Panel is composed of two members from the following:

Chairman and Safeguarding Officer
Honorary Secretary and Discipline Secretary
Junior Chairman
Past President and Treasurer
Assistant Secretary

PLUS One other relevant Officer for the matter being discussed.

The Disciplinary Panel will meet as soon as possible and will call witnesses or written evidence of the matter being considered as appropriate.

The Disciplinary Panel will follow the process as described in RFU Regulation 19 Appendix 7.

A formal record will be produced and the decision communicated to relevant parties within four days. The Club may publish the decision on the website and / or Club noticeboards if appropriate.

In cases where a Red Card is issued, or other matters that are reported to our constituent body, Essex RFU, the Club Disciplinary Panel will reach a decision based on the guidance given in RFU Regulation 19 and its Appendices.

All cases of sending off MUST be notified to the Club Honorary Secretary (Stephen Thirsk) as soon as possible. The Secretary has to notify our constituent body within 48 hours of any such incident. Notification can be by phone or by email. In the absence of the Secretary, inform the Assistant Secretary, Matt Barrett who will fulfill that role.

Senior Players should note that any Ordering Off from the field of play by a Referee will result in an automatic suspension from any playing activity until Essex has heard the matter. Regulation 19.5.3 states: '... any Player that is subject to an Ordering off ... is not entitled to play the Game (or any form thereof) or be involved in any on-field match day activities anywhere in the world until his/her case is finally resolved'.

The Club Panel's decision is not binding on Essex RFU. There is therefore no right of appeal to decisions of the Club Disciplinary Panel in these cases. Any Appeal to the Club's decision should be taken to the Essex (or RFU) Panel hearing and any Appeal would follow from their decision under Regulation 19.

For Junior Players (and their Parents) information, the Disciplinary Process for Mini, Midi and Junior ('Age Grade Rugby') is similar, except Bancroft RFC is delegated by Essex RFU to be able to make its own Disciplinary decisions as detailed in Regulation 19 Appendix 6. Sanctions will be imposed based on that Appendix 6, and the decision reported to the Constituent Body Youth Section Discipline Officer (CBYSDO). At a Disciplinary Panel for Age Grade Rugby, the player should be accompanied by his/her parent or guardian. The same rule above applies, that anyone sent from the field of play is not able to play again until the relevant Disciplinary matter is closed.

In all cases which are NOT referred to Essex RFU, or if appropriate the Essex RFU Panel has met and chose to reduce the effect of the Club's decision, then a right of appeal to the Club's decision is available.

Appeals must be lodged with the Discipline Secretary within 7 days of the relevant Disciplinary Panel's decision being published.

Appeals will be heard by the President who may invite other members of the Club onto an Appeal panel, subject to those members not having been on the original Disciplinary Panel.

In cases where visiting sports clubs are not affiliated to the RFU, Bancroft RFC will review the decision of that sport's governing body or relevant authority insofar as it affects players visiting BRFC or using the Club facilities and may impose additional BRFC specific sanctions on the individual or club concerned.

Notwithstanding any of the above, the Club's Premises Licence Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) or nominee has the authority to exclude any person from the Licensed Premises and any other powers and responsibilities as specified under the Licensing Acts.

Similarly, any member of the Disciplinary Panel, or the President, may act alone to exclude or suspend any member or visitor from the Club premises and facilities if they deem it necessary and urgent to do so in the best interests of Safety, Public Order, the Club or the Game.

The Club Disciplinary Panel will review any such decision of a member of the Panel or the DPS after the event to ratify or amend the action, and will publish their findings accordingly.

Any queries regarding the workings of the Club Disciplinary Panel should be addressed to the Discipline Secretary