By Mathew Jones
18 March
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The following is an official message from our President Domenico Serafino

The very sad news from Italy throws us into despair each day.

Right now we are suffering here in Wales when we hear the news coming from our home country.

Every day it sounds like a war bulletin with more and more of our countrymen passing away each day from this vile virus.

We have been called "The most Italian team in Europe". We love Wales for the way we have been welcomed here in Bangor.

At this moment in time we would like to be with our loved ones, because we are worried about this virus that is scourging our Italy. We are also concerned about how the virus is now taking hold in Wales. Our prayers are with all those families and friends affected by this hideous virus.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the citizens of Bangor and Wales and further afield who have in recent days sent us messages of solidarity, who want to help us in some way by showing us their affection and closeness knowing that we are thousand miles from our native homes.

These are very sad days, but I am sure that we are all together united in the face of adversity and will come out at the end of this situation a stronger, closer and more united society than ever before.

From today, my players and I feel more Welsh than ever.

Again thank you Bangor, Thank you Wales from myself and the players of Bangor City FC.

Domenico Serafino.
President Bangor City FC

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