Stephen Vaughan Jnr announced as Club Chairman

Stephen Vaughan Jnr announced as Club Chairman

By luke Purcell
4th March
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Stephen Vaughan Jnr has left his role in Malta as Mosta FC Assistant Coach and will be taking over as Chairman.

Stephen Vaughan Jnr has left his role in Malta as Mosta FC Assistant Coach to help save the Club. He will be taking over as Chairman.

Mosta FC President George Galea and Head Coach Mark Miller have been very supportive and understanding of the situation.

For 2 months there has been interest in the Club from 2 parties. One was from Canada and the other was from the North West of England. The Supporters Association also had opportunity to take over the Club if they could come up with the funds to keep the Club going.

They were not in a position to do so. Therefore, something had to be done otherwise the Club would have gone into administration/liquidation.

The plan will be to finish this season as competitive as possibly keeping within the current budget and then start to rebuild for next season.

The first step will be to start tackling all the off field issues and the outstanding creditors which includes the players and staff. The water bill has been paid and reconnected, HMRC/payroll has been paid up to date and the electricity will be turned back on. This will be back on within 7-14 days.

Vaughan Jnr will be contacting all of the Clubs debtors which will enable us to clear around 70% of the current creditors list.

Stephen Vaughan Jnr has spoken to the management team and will be meeting up with the players at training this week.

The Club will not be applying for the tier 1 Licence this season after all that has happened in recently months. We will look to be ready to apply for our tier 1 licence again this time next season. We have however applied for tier 2 license which we are very confident in achieving.

VSM will remain the Clubs major creditor and continue to be the PSC.

The newly announced Chairman has spoken to a representative of Nantporth CIC and we will be looking to meet with them ASAP to discuss the relationship with the football club going forward.

Stephen Vaughan Jnr will be looking to meet with the Supporters Association also. There will be further additions to the board over the coming months. There will also be an opportunity for the Supporters Association to have a member on the board as well as Nantporth CIC if they wish to.

There will therefore be full transparency on everything that is happening within the Club and all parties can see the direction the Club intends to go in.

Lastly, Stephen Vaughan Jnr has secured a new stadium sponsor which will be announced this coming Thursday.

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