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2016 Country Rugby Championships, 7th & 8th May Armidale

By Sam Piddington
4 May 2016
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Congratulations to all 5 Barbarians that will represent the New England Lions at this weekends Country Championships.


It will be a massive weekend of rugby this weekend (7th & 8th May) in Armidale with New England rugby hosting the 2016 Country Champs at Bellevue Oval.

Congratulations to all 5 Barbarians that will represent New England. Will Chapman, Dom Bower & Sam Gates will be playing in the open side while Allan Lewis & Darcy Glassock will be playing in the colts side.

The championships will be the first held in New England since the late nineties.

Nine Country Zones will contest the championships and will play matches in Seniors and Colts over the two days to determine the winner of the Caldwell Cup and Richardson Shield (Seniors), together with the Bill Rowlands Colts Cup and the Colts Shield.

Five hundred plus players from around the state will participate at the Championships Weekend, which will also serve as the final selection process for the NSW Country Cockatoos and NSW Country Cockatoo Colts Representative Squads.

New England Lions Colts

1 Will Turner Albies
2 Andrew Leatham Robb
3 Keegan Size Albies
4 Tim Beare Robb
5 Lachlan Mack Albies
6 Sinclair Clinton (c) Albies
7 Riley Hopwood Blues
8 Sam Callough Robb
9 Brennan Czinner Blues
10 Harry Wardle Albies
11 Allan Lewis Baa Baas
12 Tom Fisher Albies
13 Liam Trout Robb
14 Steve Ford Blues
15 Jesie Murphy Blues
16 Jono Green Albies
17 Ian McLennan Robb
18 Sam Knight Albies
19 Darcy Glassock Baa Baas
20 Nick Murphy Blues
21 Charlie Redden Albies
22 Corey Stace Blues
23 Ben Blyton Robb
24 Matt Wiilliams Blues
25 Angus McIntosh Robb
Coach Mark Charter
Manager Anthony McMillian

New England Lions Opens

1 Charlie French St Albert's
2 Joe Druce (C) St Albert's
3 Wilson Mackenzie Robb
4 James McKern Armidale
5 Greg Hill Glen Innes
6 Oliver Bartlett St Albert's
7 Liva Sili Guyra
8 William Archer Robb
9 William Chapman Barbarians
10 Dan Sweeney St Albert's
11 Harry Webber St Albert's
12 Navi Tiko Armidale
13 John Roberts (VC) Armidale
14 Dom Bower Barbarians
15 Daniel Ah-See Armidale
16 Peter Cumming Armidale
17 Richard Cumming Armidale
18 John Tiko Armidale
19 Sam Gates Barbarians
20 Angus Howard St Albert's
21 Jack King St Albert's
22 Alex Pay St Albert's
23 Samson Bai Armidale
24 Jack Tomas St Albert's
25 Brodie Rigby Armidale
Coach Jason Lincoln
Manager Archie Denning

For more information head to the New England Rugby Facebook page

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