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Baa Baas and Albies yet to peak

Sam Piddington29 Apr 2016 - 07:10
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written by Samantha Newsam Northern Daily Leader 29th April 2016

BARBARIANS and St Alberts will both be looking to rectify elements of their game when they clash at Bellevue Oval tomorrow in a blockbuster finish to what has been a topsy- turvy first round.

No one side has been able to stamp their authority on the competition, with Albies, Armidale, Barbarians and Robb all knocking each other off.

“This is really the barometer for where we are at,” Albies co-coach Tom Newsome said.

They are coming off what looks a convincing win over Glen Innes last week (68-15), but it was anything but in the first half.

They were down 10-nil at one stage but fought back late to lead into the break.

Newsome said they can’t afford to repeat that tomorrow.

They won’t have that luxury against what he said is obviously “a very capable side”, and one that is strong across the park.

“They’ve obviously got a good forward pack, but then they’ve got dangerous players out wide as well,” he said.

He said Robb beating them last week was encouraging.

Being student sides, the two share a lot of similarities in the way they play.

Their focus though is very much on their own game and what they need to do.

“Initially we have to be able to dominate,” Newsome said.

“And if our game isn’t working we need to be able to adjust.”

The key to that dominance he spoke of is possession – not just getting it but being able to maintain it.

“The tea