12th Man Charity

12th Man Charity

Barkingside are proud to announce a partnership with the Men's Mental Health Charity 12th Man, who we will be working closely with.

The club will be entering into a community and commercial partnership with the 12th Man Campaign and Outsiders Community Consultants CIC, owners of the campaign.

The community partnership will involve 'Side becoming a hub for wider '12th Man activity' in and around our local community, supporting the aim to reduce mental ill health and suicide. The commercial partnership will involve fundraising and potential sales of products or merchandise that raise funds to reinvest in the campaign.

The 12th Man helps men talk about mental health by providing training to key community businesses and clubs. So far over 150 people have taken training with the 12th Man Campaign, through elements such as 12th Man Barbershop, 12th Man Cycling Club and 12th Man Tattoo Shop. Now the 12th Man have teamed up with Barkingside FC to launch the 12th Man Football Club – taking the campain back to the ethos and values that inspired it.

Founder of 12 Man, Nick Little has said the following:
“It has always been our desire to get back to football, and when Barkingside reached out to us earlier in 2020 we knew early on that we wanted them to be our partner club. Barkingside understand the aims of the campaign, and support our values, and their vision to become a 12th Man hub for their community is exactly the kind of action we want to inspire. We feel really excited about working together and know they can help promote our campaign to their local community and to other Football Clubs.”

Everyone involved with the club is looking forward to developing this partnership, and helping the charity raise funds and awarness for their cause - which is highly important and something we should all be aware of.

For more on 12th Man visit their website, by clicking here.

For more on Outsiders Community Consultants visit their website, by clicking here.