250 Club membership & monthly draw winners 1 of 6

1. December 2020: 250 Club annual grand draw winners !


Defying all odds, the Harding's have, once again, scooped the top prize in the 250 club Annual Grand Draw, winning £5,000 for the second year running with their number, 197! Congratulations to them both. I understand the mother of all holidays will be planned and hopefully 2021 will see them jetting off somewhere fabulous.

The second prize of £2,500 was won by our hardworking bar manager, Paul Thirkettle. He shares this number, 82, with George Tossell, one of our 1st team squad. Congratulations to them too.

The 250 Club brings in a considerable amount of money every year, but it could be more if we managed to sell all the numbers. The prizes total £700 each month for twelve months, along with the extra £7,500 paid out in December.

For the sum of just £10 per month, payable by standing order, you could be part of this. The Hardings have been incredibly lucky, as many of us who have held numbers for 30 years plus, have never won anything, or never enough to have covered our memberships.
We all live in hope though and don’t begrudge the money as it all helps to keep Beccs going. If you wish, you can pay it all in one hit in January, £120, or two six monthly payments in January and July of £60 each time.

Anyone who is interested, please email Angela & Julie at:

We will contact you with bank details and once it has been set up, you will be allocated a number.

Every penny that is not paid out in prize money, is ploughed back into the club in early January. Please help us to optimise this by signing up today.