Beccs Rugby Pod

Beccs Rugby Pod

The Beccs Rugby Pod

David Speed (Speedy) and Josh Fogarty (Foggy) have started recording a weekly podcast. This Podcast will discuss all things going on throughout the club, including fixtures and events for all senior sides, ladies/girls teams and the mini and junior sections. The podcast will also feature a new guest each fortnight and include some games and challenges.

Each week a new episode will be available on Wednesday's to download from the Podcast App (iPhone users) Google Play Music App (Android Users):

Links to various Beccs Rugby Pod accounts and all episodes can be found here:

Season 2 - 2021 episodes:

  1. The Pre-match one, 29 Jan.
  2. The Match One with Joe Hughes, 12 Feb

Season 1 - 2020 episodes:

  1. The one Where We Started a Podcast, 19 July.
  2. The one with Mary, 27 July.
  3. The one at Foggy's Flat, 3 Aug.
  4. The one with Victoria and Rhi - The Passing of the Torch, 10 Aug.
  5. The one where we Entered Stage C, 17 Aug.
  6. The one with Sir Kemp, 24 Aug.
  7. The Self-Isolating One, 9 Sept.
  8. The One Where We Got Ready 4 Rugby, 16 Sept
  9. The One with the New Skipper, 30 Sept
  10. The Tasty One, 14 Oct
  11. The Second Lockdown One, 9 Nov
  12. The One with the Barman, 14 Nov