Beccehamian RFC 2,000km Walk & Run Challenge - Sunday 21 March 2021 *** THE RESULT - 4,035KMS***

Beccehamian RFC 2,000km Walk & Run Challenge - Sunday 21 March 2021 *** THE RESULT - 4,035KMS***

By Daniel Kemp
22 March
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*** THE RESULT - 4,035KMS covered and £7,216 raised including gift aid ***

The Challenge
We invited the entire Beccehamian RFC community, all ages of adults and children, all the family, past and present, to participate in a remote walk or run (no cycling) covering an ambitious 2,000kms in a single day on Sunday 21 March 2021.

*** The Results - UPDATED @ 27/03/2021 ***
Having checked for duplication's and some additional participants, the final results have been confirmed as follows:
We covered a quite incredible 4,035 kilometres, by 430 people walking and running only, in 1 day
…… just let that sink in. Some COLOSSAL collective commitment both activity and financially based raising £7,174. Thank you

  • Total distance covered: 4035.37 kms
  • Individual walk/run activities: 518
  • Individual people taken part: 430
  • Walk total: 2,726km, 67% of total.
  • Run total: 1,309km, 33% of total.
  • Youngest participant: aged 3-4, aware there were many micros!
  • Oldest participant: aged 88
  • List of participants and distance covered on PDF document below: Please contact if any errors or duplications (

Distance covered by sections of the club

  • Mini/Junior player (under 18s): 1,157km, 29% of total
  • Mini/Junior parent/guardian: 1,130km, 28% of total.
  • Other – including non-playing family members: 807km, 20% of total.
  • Adult player: 665km, 17% of total.
  • Adult social member (incl former players, VPs): 276, 7% of total.

Crowdfunder donations
Crowd funder page link here:
  • Currently stands at £7,216 - £6,109 plus est £1,107 gift aid
  • Individual donations: 177
Thank you for your generosity. The Crowd funder page will remain open for further donations until 12 April 2021 when the raffle will be drawn. PLEASE NOTE that everyone who has donated any amount, will automatically be entered into the appropriate raffle draw, so there is no need to do anything.

Thank You’s
First and foremost, you totally fabulous Beccehamian RFC members, volunteers, supporters, family and friends and everyone for participating. You have all managed to get so engaged with the pre-return to rugby activity, it has literally smashed the living daylights out of any expectations that we thought could be achieved, and some. For encouraging all those around you to get involved and participate in a quite brilliant collective Beccs team effort.

Graeme Kemp-Jones (U8s) the unsung challenge hero, for quite brilliantly setting up and navigating the google sheets forum. Which literally was the organisational game changer here, allowing the updates throughout the afternoon which seemed to further enthuse everyone. The prospect of trying to manually and efficiently collate all the data, frankly still brings us out in a cold sweat!

Paul Broadhurst for the poster artwork, and club coach Dave Sia for thinking outside the box that such a distance could be achieved in the first place! We think that we can all “dine out” (when safely able to do so obviously!) on this story of accomplishment for a considerable time to come.

Truly outstanding collective effort everyone again. Many Congratulations and Thank You.



Beccs 2,000km Challenge Sunday 21 March 2021 - List of Participants & KMs covered

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