Beccehamian RFC Mini & Junior (Age-Grade) Rugby return from Sunday 6 September 2020

Beccehamian RFC Mini & Junior (Age-Grade) Rugby return from Sunday 6 September 2020

By Daniel Kemp
28 August
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Return plans and detailed protocols for all Mini & Junior (age grade) rugby

In advance of return to mini and junior (age-grade) rugby from Sunday 6 September. Beccehamian RFC set out in the attached document required protocols covering RFU Stage C as at 28 August 2020. All updated RFU Covid 19 staged guidance will be reviewed and implemented by BeccehamianRFC (Beccs) age grade chairs when published, as has been the position throughout the Covid-19 period.

Stage D: Beccs are NOT authorising or arranging any non-contact fixtures with other clubs for any age grade at this time. The rest of Stage D is agreeable

As part of the new regulations set by the UK Government & the RFU, ALL ATTENDEES MUST complete a Pre Attendance Assessment & then sign a register to confirm that they have no COVID-19 symptoms, haven't been in contact with someone suspected/confirmed to have it or been somewhere that has had travel restrictions placed on it.
The pre attendance assessment is a simple online survey that you can access here

Updated 14 September 2020: There can be no groups larger than 6, so please remind everyone attending to space themselves apart so we can comply with the regulations.

Lastly, as there can be no groups larger than 6, please can you remind parents to space themselves apart so we can attempt to comply with the regulations as best we can.

The over-riding objective is that all of the Beccs community continue to enjoy the game and thrive in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment. We encourage all age grade Beccs family to digest the contents of all Beccs updates including this overview which includes a parent action point on Covid self-screening survey noted on page 3.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the Beccs community, members, coaches, players and supporters in advance for your continued support and understanding of the importance of all measures being implemented.

Should anyone have any queries or questions, please do let either of us know.

Yours in rugby
Daniel Kemp, Junior Chair & U15 Coach ( / 07876 215584)
and Phil Reid, Mini Chair & U10 Coach ( / 07946 351537)

The document covers:

  • Summary to Team Coaches/Admin and Parent/Carers (for Stage C).
  • Full RFU guidance document link.
  • Total duration for training sessions.
  • Weekly Sunday allocated training times for all age groups.
  • Equipment use to be kept at a minimum.
  • Age Grade rules for training.
  • Road Cones and Toilet Stewards: Weekly rota’s and allocated age groups.
  • Beccehamians RFC Covid-19 Self Screening and Test & Trace.
  • Age Group Coach & Admin Checklist.
  • Pitch Plans for Mini and Junior sections.


Beccs Age Grade rugby return from Sunday 6 September 2020 (PDF)

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