Beccehamian RFC Mini & Junior section Covid compliance update 24/09/2020

Beccehamian RFC Mini & Junior section Covid compliance update 24/09/2020

By Daniel Kemp
24 September
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These protocols cover RFU Stage D and updated to include the latest government rules, procedures and guidance issued on 22/09/2020 (full details also attached as PDF document with Pitch Plans)

BRFC exclude the option of playing club v club fixtures at Stage D. The rest of Stage D including limitations on contact is authorised.

All updated RFU Covid 19 staged guidance will be reviewed and implemented by BeccehamianRFC (Beccs)mini and junior chairs when published, as has been the position throughout the Covid-19 period.

The over-riding objective is that all of the Beccs community continue to enjoy the game and thrive in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment. We ask all mini and junior Beccs family to digest the contents of all Beccs updates including this overview which includes parent, supporters, team coaches/admin action points on Covid self-assessment noted on page 2+4.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the Beccs community, members, players and supporters in advance for your continued support and understanding of the importance of all measures being implemented.

A huge thank you to all coaches, team admins and volunteers who tirelessly give their huge volume of spare time, effort, dedication and commitment that is required particularly over the past 6 months, not to mention the challenge of having significant additional pressure applied before one even arrives at BRFC, this on top of balancing work, family and children’s school commitments.

Finally, we are particularly mindful of everyone’s well-being and health in the current climate, and with this in mind ask everyone in the Beccs community to please act with kindness, patience and understanding, the very last thing we want is people feeling disheartened or demoralised. Should anyone have any queries or questions, or require any support or help, please speak up and feel free to confidentially speak to either of us.

Yours in rugby

Daniel Kemp, Junior Chair ( / 07876 215584)
and Phil Reid, Mini Chair ( / 07946 351537)

Summary to Parents, Supporters, Team Coaches & /Admin
In accordance with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport in their guidance “Return to recreational team sport framework”.

Pre-attendance official symptom check: “All players, officials, volunteers and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any COVID-19 symptoms. No-one should leave home to participate in sport if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID -19”

Accordingly the following process and protocols are to be adopted by all mini and junior girls and boys age groups from Micros to Academy, for clarity and consistency:
1. PLEASE DO NOT attend BRFC if displaying any Covid symptoms.
2. ACTION: Online Survey Monkey will act as both the self-assessment and pre-registration. Everyone that attends BRFC must be included in the response and provide contact details for one person.
3. Unless you are registered, you CANNOT attend BRFC for the particular session.
4. For Sunday sessions, the survey will be distributed on Thursday, with a deadline to complete by 9am on Saturday. That allows a composite list to be distributed to team coaches/admins 24 hours before the session.
Midweek sessions will be distributed by Monday/Tuesday with a similar 24 hour before cut off to register.
We are very mindful from an infection control perspective, that the survey should be completed as near to the session as possible.
5. If you tick any box other than entirely Covid symptom free, you MUST NOT attend BRFC for that particular session.
6. Should any symptoms arise after completing the survey, you MUST NOT attend BRFC for that particular session.
7. Action: Each age group will retain a register of those that attend each session, signatures not required. This is deemed as a declaration that everyone attending is symptom free.
8. Records will be retained for 21 days and used in accordance with GDPR legislation & Coronavirus Regulations.

Social distancing during breaks and post-game
“Supporters, parents, and other spectators to remain socially distanced whilst attending events. Spectator groups must be restricted to discrete 6 person gathering limits and spread out.
All participants must remain socially distanced during breaks in play with spaced areas for equipment and refreshment storage for each individual including officials and substitutes. Coaching staff and substitutes, should, for example, spread out and avoid sharing a dug out or bench if social distancing cannot be observed.
Water bottles or other refreshment containers, should in no circumstances be shared. Participants are advised to bring their own, in a labelled or highly distinguishable container.
After activity participants must maintain government mandated social distancing for social interaction. This includes in any available clubhouse facilities or other venue participants congregate in afterwards.”

Toliet Access:
• All those entering the clubhouse MUST wear a face-mask or face-covering in light of government update 22/09/2020.
• Access during training only through the pitch changing room door facing the 1st XV pitch.
• The main door to the clubhouse will be closed.
• Please allow people out of the changing rooms first before entering.
• All children micros to U11s must be accompanied by a parent.
• Please ensure the children leave the facilities as they are found in good condition. There are many examples of broken toilet seats, muddy small footprints on seats and lids and paper strewn around the floor, which is NOT acceptable.
• In accordance with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport in their guidance “Return to recreational team sport framework”. Activity is only permitted if toilet facilities are available. Should the toilets be left in an unacceptable condition, then regrettably the toilets and clubhouse will be closed, and accordingly training will have to be suspended for everyone.

Road Cones: Weekly rota’s and allocated age groups

With all age grade rugby at home for the foreseeable future, it should mean each age group are only required to fulfil the road cone rota roles, once every 10 weeks.
Micros, U7 & U8 are deliberately NOT included on the rota, as the groups are very new to the club, and with young children to supervise.

Sunday Cones Location:
• Cones located in green container nearest the car park. Padlock code with lead coaches.
• Cones on road and in place by 08:45 latest.
- Club side of the road, from BRFC car park up to Wood Lodge Lane (nb… not required from car park to the roundabout).
- Houses side of the road, from roundabout up to Wood Lodge Lane.
• Collect from road & return back to container from 12:30 to 14:00 latest.

Cone Rota:

  • 6 September U10
  • 13 September U11
  • 20 September U12
  • 27 September U13
  • 4 October U14
  • 11 October U15
  • 18 October U16
  • 25 October Academy
  • 1 November Girls
  • 8 November U9
  • 15 November U10
  • 22 November U11
  • 29 November U12
  • 6 December U13
  • 13 December U14
  • 20 December U15

Coaches training guidance:
BRFC exclude the option of playing club v club fixtures at Stage D.
The rest of Stage D including limitations on contact is authorised, although contact not essential.

Action: Coaches opening line at training: “to confirm survey sent out for pre-assessments, and that everyone attending is declaring that you are all entirely Covid symptom free”

Full RFU STAGE D guidance document hyperlinked here

1. Total duration for training sessions must NOT exceed:
a. Micros, U7s & U8s: 60 mins max
b. U9s to Academy: 75 mins max

2. Weekly Sunday allocated training times:
a. Minis, Micros to U11s: 9:30 - 10:45am, clear & vacate pitch space by 11am latest.
b. Junior Girls & Boys U12-U18: 11:15am-12:30pm, do not arrive at pitch space until 11am earliest.

3. Equipment use to be kept at a minimum:
• No equipment from the container should be used.
• Sanitising of all equipment is responsibility of each age grade group before, during, and after each session, including in particular:
a. Rugby Balls (buckets & sanitising solution available from changing rooms)
b. Cones
c. Bibs must be washed before each session
d. NO tag belts or tags are to be used for Micros, U7 or U8s.

4. Mini & Junior (Age Grade) rules for training:
a. Maximum of 20 players per group (those with larger groups split into 2 or more groups of 20).
b. Minimum half standard size rugby pitch per 20 player group
c. Players, coaches and parents / supporters to socially distance while watching and during breaks.
d. Players to bring their own water bottles, towels and hand sanitiser, NO SHARING.
e. Everyone refrains from touching their faces.
f. Sessions should have regular breaks at a maximum of 15 minutes.
g. U7s & U8s will continue to play under their current rules of play with the exemption of the tag tackle, the tag tackle will be replaced by a touch tackle on the waist or below of the ball carrier.
h. Ready4Rugby and touch rugby permitted.
i. CONTACT restrictions as set out at Stage D are permitted, although NOT essential.
j. Clubhouse procedures including one-way systems to be adhered to for toilet and bar access when open/available.



Beccehamian RFC Mini & Junior section Covid compliance update 24.09.2020 (PDF)

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