Beccehamian RFC Mini & Junior section Covid update (@ 03,10,15/12/2020)

Beccehamian RFC Mini & Junior section Covid update (@ 03,10,15/12/2020)

By Daniel Kemp
30 November 2020
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Beccs mini and junior section Covid update, including RFU guidance and helpful short webinars highly recommend viewing.

Dear all,

We hope that you and all your families are keeping well and safe. As ever our overriding objective is to continue to provide a safe and Covid compliant environment for all the BRFC rugby family.

*** Update all rugby activity suspended (15/12/2020) ***
To all lead M&J coaches group and parents

Dear all,
With considerable regret, we have made the very difficult but ultimately only viable and responsible decision open in our view, to suspend all Beccs Mini & Junior rugby from Saturday 19 December 2020 to Saturday 2 January 2021 inclusive. This applies to all girls and boys age groups from Micros to U18.
As previously mentioned, whilst always aiming to leave it to the discretion of age groups whether they wished to continue or not, with the ultimate safe environment in question in the continuum of this global pandemic, we have made the decision to postpone:
• We know everyone wants some meaningful activity,
• We know it’s permitted activity by the RFU,
• We know children are still at school until 17/18 December, very likely asymptomatic although heavy evidence of carrying between pupils / school staff / families.
• We have a comprehensive and extensive 3page detailed list, of local school pupils self-isolating over the past 2 weeks.
• BUT …… by permitting (much needed) activity to continue, knowing all the varying factors set out above, and the numerous different school bubbles overlapping in the rugby environment that affects every age group, we are potentially and very likely directly contributing to the continued spread and stats.
• By actioning a 2 week gap from effectively the end of the school term, it gives everyone, and particularly our children’s Education, the best chance of returning without any further disruption at the start of the school year.
• We will continue to keep the position under review.
• By taking this step, we are aiming to minimise the risk, and above all continue to keep everyone safe.
• Current planned return Sunday 3 January 2021.
Thank you in advance for your continued understanding and support. Should you have any queries please feel free to contact either of us directly.
Wishing everyone a very safe, enjoyable and healthy festive break.
Best wishes
Kempy and Reidy.

*** Update in light of recent school closures, 10/12/2020 ***
To all lead M&J coaches group (and parents)
"Hi Folks,
We continue to keep a very close eye on school movements and developments, and have spoken several times this week. Also aware that there are a number of schools either closing early as a precautionary measure, or giving people the option to stay home to protect family (thank you all coaches for your critical and invaluable input here too).
Mindful of everyone’s well-being and that we have only been back a week, we are NOT cancelling rugby activity. However, as mentioned previously, for those that wish to continue that option remains open in as safe an environment as we can. Coaches, groups and parents should not feel in any way obliged to attend, and if that decision is not to have a session, or not attend that is respected. This also goes if you do not wish to run sessions on Sunday 20th given the proximity to Xmas day, again that will be respected.
We are both due at the club on Sunday 13th Dec, if you have any queries, or would like to talk confidentially, please do feel free to do so either then or beforehand.
Thank you again for your continued efforts and commitment throughout.
Best wishes
Kempy & Reidy."

*** Full update 03/12/2020 ***
WE ARE ………….

  • aware of how important it is particular for everyone’s well-being, to be able to safely get together, and enjoy our rugby and the BRFC environment.
  • continuing to keep a very close eye on local school community Covid infection / self-isolation cases and numbers, and are retaining records of such, as part of our risk assessment process.
  • continually reviewing all RFU and government guidance as it is published, and any adjustments and risk assessments updated as appropriate.
  • again, extending our considerable thanks to all the team coaches and admins for their huge commitment and engagement as ever. There is a vast amount of communication, protocols and guidance to digest, and considerable efforts going on behind the scenes. Thank you all.

On Demand Webinars (with direct links below)
We highly recommend all coaches, players, parents & supporters view the very useful on demand webinars (simply provide name, email, role & club details, it will play). It will help you to understand in a neat 12 minute video more about training, playing matches and law adaptations.

Key Updates for RFU Stage E at 02/12/2020
1. Do not attend visit the club if displaying any Covid symptoms or self-isolating.
2. All players, coaches, spectators not on the field of play should follow social distancing guidance.
3. All players / coaches should arrive changed and ready to play.
4. No sharing of water bottles or team huddles.
5. Covid pre-attendance assessment survey must be completed before attending every Beccs session or game.
6. Sunday training timings, remain the same as pre-lockdown 2 (subject to any necessary change mentioned below):

  • Micros-U11s - 9:30am to 10:45am.
  • U12-U18s Girls & Boys - 11:15am-12:30pm
7. Stage E Permits
  • U7 and U8 can tag (simple touch remains ok)
  • Maximum of 2 x 10 minutes (total duration 20 minutes) of adapted contact activities within a single training session is permitted. In the remainder of the training session, players are permitted to undertake socially distanced strength and conditioning activities, small group non-contact skill development practice, uncontested lineouts and/or Tag/Touch/Ready4Rugby.
  • Any equipment such as tackle pads, shields, bags should be cleaned and sanitised after each individual players use.
  • All other equipment including rugby balls must be cleaned and sanitised after a maximum of 15 minutes activity.
8. Restrictions on group sizes have been replaced with recommended coach to player ratios.
  • U7 = 1:6
  • U8 = 1:8
  • U9-U18 = 1:10
  • Adult = 1:15

BRFC Next Steps (03/12/2020):

  1. Midweek training can resume from 7 December 2020.
  2. “Regular sessions” plan to take place on Sunday 6,13+20 December 2020 and from Sunday 3 January 2021 onwards.
  3. Training between Monday 21 December 2020 and Saturday 2 January 2021 can take place. This is entirely optional and down to each age group. There is no expectation for coaches/groups to hold such sessions, or parents/children to attend them. Those that do not, we entirely respect their decisions, as people may well have family xmas bubbles that require careful protection. For any sessions between these dates, please book pitch space with Kempy / Phil, pre-attendance surveys must be completed in the usual way.
  4. There will be no fixtures with any clubs until 2021.
  5. We have already contacted local clubs, in tier 2 only, for potential interest in 2021 fixtures covering all Beccs mini and junior girls and boys age groups.
  6. Coaches please do NOT make individual contact or arrange fixtures direct with other clubs. The process needs to be carefully managed with pitch space allocated, spaced out timings for arrival, games & departure, plus the attendance survey protocols and communication with visiting clubs.
  7. In light of this, it is possible that there will need to be some flexibility for training times and days over the weekends (ie... training moving to either Saturday morning, or start times changing to accommodate all fixtures).

Stage E updated resources

Thank you again for your continued support and understanding, should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Kind regards,
Daniel Kemp (Junior Rugby Chair - / 07876 215584)
& Phil Reid (Mini Rugby Chair - / 07946 351537)

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