Jack Petchey reaches 100 at Beccs

Jack Petchey reaches 100 at Beccs

By Paul Harrington
20 May 2019
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Continuing to inspire & motivate young people.

When Alec Jafrato (U17s) was nominated for the February Jack Petchey Achievement Award, he became the 100th young Beccehamian to win this coveted award.

We joined the scheme in 2007 when our first winner was Robert Hampton. Robert no longer plays for the club but his father, David, remains a member and has drawn the plans and sketches for the proposed clubhouse extension. Many of the winners do still play including regular 1st XV players like Freddie Buckle, George Tossel, Paul Broadhurst and Tom Ottewill and Sarah Moorhouse, Mel Graham and Evie Rosling for the ladies.
In total 33 award winners have played senior men's rugby, with 2 1st XV Captains & and a Ladies captain among them. 8 coaches have also been awarded the Leadership Award for outstanding contribution to young peoples sport.

In the 12 years between Robert and Alec’s awards, Jack Petchey has given the club £31,600 that has been spent on young players between the ages of 12 and 24. In the early days we bought a range of kit, clothing and equipment, but in recent years, the winners have preferred to spend the money on team building days such as paint-balling, go-karting or other similar activities.

Sir Jack Petchey CBE was born in East London in 1925 into a working class family where he had very few advantages. Told as a young man that he was not management material, he set out to be his own manager. He bought an old car and started his own car hire business. That quickly grew and by sheer hard work he diversified into other fields until, by the 1990’s, he was one of the most successful businessmen in the UK.

In 1999 he set up the Jack Petchey Foundation so that he could give back and support young people. So far the Foundation has invested well over £100 million throughout London and Essex.

We will continue to support the scheme and young players from the U12s upwards are urged to nominate worthy winners to their coaches and send nominations to the club coordinator, Robbie Broadhurst. Jack will do the rest!

Robbie Broadhurst
Jack Petchey Coordinator

Jack Petchey
Achievement Award Winners

Robert Hampton (1st)
Sean Torrance
Mark Boyle

Grant Robinson
Daniel Meehan
Matt Phillips
Jack Buckler
Michael Gardner
Ben Dickerson
Neil Page
Gareth Robinson
James Graydon
Elliott Shepperd
Sam Vernazza
Lizzie D’Angelo

Bradley Bateup
Paul Broadhurst
Conor O’Hehir
Iaian Greenwood
Jess Sweatman
Josh Spurgeon
Tom Parker
Raymon Hunte
Sean Ellis

Rebecca Broadhurst
Freddie Sawyer
Jamie Gibb
Conor Brophy
Abdul Adedeyi
Joe Lopes
Josh Frost
Sean Harrington
Nick Brown

Cameron Macaskill
Phil Capon
Ollie Diggins
Andy Botten
James Clarke
Chris Jolley
Hannah Sweatman
Ross Orchard
Calum Tonner

Lewis Tear
Matthew Putner
Cherene Dickerson
Ed Varona
Bill Stracey
Ollie Adkins
Matthew Tokarsi
Louis Thorne (50th)
Vince Knight

Ben Thirkettle
Matthew Johnson
Harry Ivings
Mayson Green
James Taylor
Emily Mar Mah
Harrison Lear
Sean Torrance
Charlie Watkins

Lucas Buckler
George Tossel
Tom Ottewill
Finlay Millar
Sam Hopkins
Ollie Stenning
Thomas Sullivan
Luckie Frimpong
Sarah Moorhouse

Gideon Boafo
Freddie Buckle
Melanie Graham
Gabriel Evans
Alex Watkins
Joshua Mallin
Oliver Gadd
James Hamilton
Chris Hart

Maleek Montgomery
Evie Rosling
Bobbie Haywood
Matthew Swatton
Sophie Hodges
Ben Staples
Hannah Piper

Tom Buckle
Cat Short
Alfie Sweeting
Olivia Macnally
Wesley Steer
Dave Ross

Cerys Lawrence
Freddie Caspary-Pearson
Alfie Williams
Eoin McLoughlin
Ollie Milburn
Alex Chamberlain
James Langdown

Fin Stark
Alec Jafrato (100th)
Emmanuel Oniwinde

Jack Petchey
Leadership Award Winners

2009 - Steve Robinson
2010 - Nigel Putner
2012 - Robbie Broadhurst
2014 - Tim Buckle
2015 - Paul Rochester
2016 - Jess Sweatman
2017 - Robin Entwistle
2018 - Jason Goodman

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