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The Beccs Big Build - Extension Update: April 2024

The Beccs Big Build - Extension Update: April 2024

Daniel Kemp24 Apr - 20:00
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Although the project has slightly stalled, it is very much still underway. Need to focus Beccs fundraising activities on Phase 2 of the project.

April 2024 Build Update

It’s been a while since our last communication about the Beccs Big Build which is still progressing, albeit slightly stalled at the moment. As with any significant building project we’ve encountered a few hiccups, the current ones are that we are now requiring some Architect and Structural Engineer redesign work of the balustrades and terrace fire-escape staircase, to meet LBB Building Control requirements. Unfortunately, other phase 1 build activities are dependent on getting these resolved and agreed with LBB Building Control.

As a reminder the overall extension project is being completed in a number of phases as follows:

Phase 1: Ground floor of the extension, the core and most significant part of the build, including
· Two non-gender specific RFU compliant changing rooms with private toilet and shower facilities
· Improved and new Female toilet facility
· A new RFU compliant Officials changing room which will enable us to cater for both male and female officials concurrently
· A physiotherapy room enabling private player assessment, treatment, and injury recovery
· Rugby equipment store room
· A refit of our current boiler room to enable us to cater for both the current showers and those in the extension.

Virtually all brickwork and the ceiling have been completed and a lot of the internal walls have also already been painted.
The club has secured sufficient funds for Phase 1 of the build, and have only paid for works which have been completed.
In addition, we have not as yet drawn down the £100,000 RFU loan available to us as part of the Phase 1 development and will only do so as and when required.

Estimated completion is Autumn 2024.

Phase 2: Improved social space including
· An extension to the main bar on the first floor to cater for increased capacity and use. The steelwork has already been erected for this as part of phase 1.
· Completing the terrace with access via the main bar to enable viewing of matches and will be a great social space. The majority of the terrace build is actually within Phase 1.
· New meeting room to enable matters to be discussed privately

At present, we believe we need to raise ~£100-120K to complete Phase 2 and we now need to focus Beccs fundraising activities on this part of the overall project.

Phase 3: Improved accessibility including
· A Disability lift for access to facilities on the 1st floor
· A Disability toilet facility including baby changing facilities
· New entrance lobby and stairs with enhanced accessibility features
· Improvements to the kitchen and bar areas so that users may be served better

Depending on funds available some of Phase 3 activities can be completed in parallel with Phase 2.

Fundraising/Ideas welcome
Please note, all of the Beccs Build Committee members volunteer their time and are doing their best with their time available to progress the build, if you can support and assist in any capacity then your input would be greatly welcome.
We need your help, it doesn't have to be much, but it will all help with the Beccs Big Build. Please contact the fundraising committee if you are able to assist in any way, details link here.

At present, we believe we need to raise ~£100-120K to complete Phase 2 and we now need to focus Beccs funding raising activities on this part of the overall project. Accordingly can we please strongly encourage (if not already) fundraising assistance by way of:
(a) Buy-a-Brick for the clubhouse, cost at £100, £200 or £300 (you are able to pay in monthly instalments). Details link here.
(b) Look at other ways you can get involved including utilising any corporate / business contacts for sponsorship and matched funding opportunities, details link here.
(c) Easyfundraising on your internet shopping at NO cost to you, details link here.

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