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Beccs U10's

U10's rugby is classified as Mini Rugby.

Everyone is welcome to join the U10s squad regardless of skill, experience or gender!

To qualify for the U10's squad, you must be 9 years old at the beginning of the season (1st September) - this equates to being in School Year 5.

Whenever we are not away at a fixture, we have training/practice at Beccehamians (Sparrow's Den) on Sunday Mornings from 10:30am until 12noon. All are then welcome in the club house for a bite to eat and drink.

Should you have any queries please do let us know and get in touch, We look forward to seeing you.

Coaches contact details;
Ian Chamberlain -
Lee Harding
Bruce Hough
Francoise Zeelie
Mark Wisbey
Mark Spain
Under 10 Key points:
1 v 1 contest for the ball, introduction of ball carrier + 1 and tackler + 1
Uncontested scrum
Nearest 3 players in scrum
(all players trained, late specialisation)
Pitch 60 x 35

Play is regulated by RFU Regulation 15 (Age Grade Rugby, Guidelines and Appendix 1B).

Ball Size : 4.
Under 10 Transitional Rugby is played between teams of equal numbers of players, containing not more than 8 players and not less than 7 players.
Each side can have an agreed number of substitutes. Substituted players can be re-used at any time.
Substitutions can only take place when the ball is "dead" or at half time and always with the referee's knowledge.

Players on Pitch : 8 players; no set position.

Fixture (2 Clubs/Schools are present): 15 minutes each way, 1 game = 30 minutes

Fixture (3 Clubs/Schools are present): 10 minutes each way, 2 games = 40 minutes

Festival: 6 minutes each way, maximum of 5 games = 60 minutes (total playing time)

Free pass is used:

To start the match at the beginning of each half from the centre of the pitch

Where the ball or ball carrier has gone into touch

Where there is off-side and no advantage

Where a fend or “hand-off” has been used

When there has been foul play

'Squeezeball' technique has been used (see below)

A scrum will be awarded for:

Forward pass

Knock forward

Where the ball does not emerge from a mini-maul/ruck

The scrum will be made up of one row of three players from each team, ie a prop on either side of the hooker.
They will be the nearest 3 players from either side, with the 4th nearest acting as scrum half.

At Under 10, the scrum is uncontested by both sides: the team awarded the scrum will throw the ball into the scrum and must be allowed to win it without contest.

Opponents cannot push or strike for the ball.
If they do, a free pass restart is awarded to the team throwing the ball into the scrum.

Off side occurs at the time of the tackle where the offside line is the hindmost part of the tackled player.
When a Tackle is made, all the other players from the tackler's team must attempt to retire towards their own goal-line until they are behind the hindmost part of the tackled player.

In Transitional Rugby, there is total emphasis for the attack; on running with the ball, evasion, running in support of the ball carrier and passing; and for the defence: on running to tackle the ball carrier, prevent them
going forward, and to get back into the game.

In Transitional Rugby :

No contact above the shoulder

No line-out;

No kicking;

No hand off/fend off (a hand off being the placing of an open palmed hand by the ball carrier against an opponent's face or body while a fend off is an outstretched arm by the ball carrier towards an opponent to discourage that person making a tackle);

No more than the tackler, tackled player plus one other from each team in contact

No 'squeezeball' - a technique where the ball carrier goes to ground, head forward (touching or close to the ground), irrespective of immediate contact with opponents, usually keeping parallel to the touchline, holding and protecting the ball close to the chest and, when on the ground, pushing the ball back between the legs.

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U10s By Simon Gardner
Beccs U10s at Vectis Festival (24 April 2016)
89 photos
Beccs U10s at Vectis Festival (24 April 2016) By Daniel Kemp
U10s Sidcup Festival 1 Nov 2015
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U10s Sidcup Festival 1 Nov 2015 By Daniel Kemp
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U10's Go - Bananas
U10's Go - Bananas By User 111674
Robbie breaks the deadlock
Robbie breaks the deadlock By Mark Staples
By Mark Staples
Vectis 2010 under 9
Vectis 2010 under 9 By Mark Staples

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