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Girls' Cricket at Beckenham CC

Girls' Cricket at Beckenham CC

By Amanda Combes
23 February 2020
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Here Come the Girls!

The Girls' Section offers a wide range of opportunities for girls of all abilities
Alan Peters, Girls' Section Lead

Since 2015, the Junior Section at Beckenham CC has built a large, thriving, fun and friendly Girls’ section catering for more than 60 players aged six to 15 years old.

The girls have a wide-range of playing opportunities, both in Girls’ only teams and mixed teams in which girls play alongside boys at U9s, U11s and U13s.


In 2020, the Girls’ Section will build on its softball, U11, U13 and U15 girls’ squads giving both new and existing players the chance to play for the club in a range of formats, including:

  • U9/U10 Girls’ squads (up to and including Year 5)

  • U9 Kent mini-8s softball festivals - mixed and Girls’ teams

  • U9 Big Bash league - mixed and Girls’ only teams

  • U11s softball squad (years 4 - 6) which plays in the Kent Women and Girls group kwik cricket festivals (8-a-side). We aim to send two teams to each festival.


The Club also provides Girls' hardball players with weekly intra-club and inter-club matches and playing opportunities, including:

  • U11 hardball fixtures in the North Kent Junior League, both in T20 and Pairs format for Girls in years 5-7 (playing in Girls or mixed teams)

  • U13 hardball fixtures in the North Kent Junior League for girls in years 8 – 9 (playing in Girls or mixed teams)

  • U15 Girls’ squads

  • Girls in years 7-9 will have playing opportunities both in hardball games in the North Kent Junior League (mixed) and the Girls’ division.

  • Girls in school years 9-11 will have hardball playing opportunities in the North Kent Junior League (mixed).

In addition, the Girls’ Section will seek games against other Girls’ teams in the region – subject to availability at other clubs.


Qualified ECB coaches oversee weekly training supported by parent volunteers and young leaders. Coaching programmes are available for softball beginners as well as experienced hardball players. Several girls in year 8 and above play in Beckenham’s Ladies team.

Indoor training over Winter and Spring terms is run as mixed nets based on ability. Mixed training opportunities will continue in the Summer term from April to July in small, matched-ability coaching groups.

Summer outdoor training takes place on Sunday mornings. Sunday training will include Girls’ only groups, particularly for those that are new to the game and is the ideal place to start playing.


In 2019 the Beckenham Ladies team was launched. Girls aged 13 (school year 8) upwards, are eligible and encouraged to play senior Ladies team cricket in the Kent Women's Development league.


As you can see, the Girls’ Section at Beckenham CC offers a wide range of opportunities for girls of all abilities.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Alan Peters, Girls’ Section Lead

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