Monsoon in May!

Monsoon in May!

By Amanda Combes
21 May
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Dodging the downpours; ready to play...

U11 Pairs between the showers
Amanda Combes U11/U13 Age Group Lead

What a wash out this week has been for (Junior) cricket!

Eight league fixtures were scheduled between Tuesday and Thursday for the U11s and U13s. An U12 Cup match too.

All were called off due to the weather except one; our U13 league fixture on Thursday at Catford & Cyphers, won by a wicket in the final over by the Bobcats with a sweetly struck boundary!

This beautiful photograph was taken by Kate Curtis on Wednesday, the only evening the Juniors managed to train or play cricket at Foxgrove this week - and proof the sun did shine at least once!

Although the rainbow was evidence it still rained!

A swiftly arranged internal U11 Pairs on the Flicx wicket between the Strikers and the Bashers - after their league fixtures were cancelled that afternoon - revealed some really promising new hardball talents at the Club moving up from softball.

Our hardworking groundsmen were lamenting one of the driest Aprils on record. We are all lamenting one of the wettest Mays.

Better weather is forecast from next week. We hope to see all the Juniors out on the pitch, training or playing matches from then on.

All of us involved in organising Junior cricket - from the Coaches, to Team Managers would like to thank players and parents for their forbearance.

We are ready - we just need Mother Nature to start playing ball!

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