Winter Nets for Beckenham Cricketers

Winter Nets for Beckenham Cricketers

By Amanda Combes
5 November 2020
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Head of Junior Coaching, Matt Grice and his team, outline plans for Junior Winter nets

We will be ready to get going as soon as Junior cricket training can restart
Matt Grice, Head of Junior Coaching, Beckenham CC

On Monday 1 November, the Junior Coaching team planned to announce details about forthcoming pre-Christmas Winter nets.

Then Boris spoke on Saturday, the House voted yesterday, and we all headed back into lockdown.

Whilst desperately disappointing for everyone, the Coaching team would still like to brief you on how the new Junior coaching strategy will be implemented, and how this will affect the delivery of Winter net training for hardball players.

Winter nets for U11 and U13 players will be delivered in ‘blocks’ of six, 90 minutes, weekly sessions, on Tuesdays 6.00pm – 7.30pm at Worsley Bridge Road.

One block of six weeks was planned before Christmas in November/December (now cancelled). We currently plan to run training blocks in January/February and March/April 2021.

Two bowling and batting nets will operate weekly, the rest of the hall turned over to skills based training with experienced, senior coaches. Players will rotate activities throughout the block.

Assuming we will return to pre-lockdown levels of Covid-19 restrictions (unconfirmed, obviously), numbers permitted for indoor nets will remain restricted, so Coaches and Team Managers will work together to identify and invite 30 players (15 U11 and 15 U13 respectively) to attend each block.

The first block of Winter nets will be targeted at boys and girls who will likely play in Broncos or Bears teams in 2021 at U11 and U13.

A new group of U11 and U13 players from Strikers or Bees teams will be invited to the second block in March/April.

Enrolment on a six week block of Winter nets will cost £100.

We look forward to working with players of all ages and levels in the coming months. We will add further training sessions for U15s, U14s transitional and softball players as soon as we have further capacity.

All the Managers and Coaches want to thank players and parents for their enthusiasm, patience, and ongoing support for cricket at Beckenham CC.

We hope you and your families remain safe; we look forward to seeing you again soon. Rest assured we will be ready and in touch as soon as Junior cricket training can restart.

Matt Grice, Head of Junior Coaching, Neil Coulson, Vice Chair of Junior Cricket &
Mark Pulford, Junior Coach

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