How To Register/Pay Online
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2. How To Register/Pay Online

The on-line registration system can be found on the club website at In order to register a player using the on-line facility it is assumed that members have access to the internet and a bank current account.

  1. For those who do not have internet access, the shop will be able to help on Sunday mornings

Steps To Register/Pay:
  1. If you are a current parent member of Bedford Junior Blues with a login on Pitchero, please make sure you have checked and updated your player membership details if they have changed since last season. You can access your personal details and update them for this season at: Update your Details Here
  2. Make sure you have your debit/credit card to hand before starting the payment process for this season.
  3. If you are already a parental member of Bedford Junior Blues website please login in to the Pitchero site in the normal way.
  4. If you are a parent of a new member, on the home page left column below main navigation bar you will find a box "MEMBER SIGN UP>>"
  5. New Parents should register as a user in their own name - NOT the players name.Once all membership details have be submitted please note there may be a 24hr delay before your website membership is approved.
  6. Once logged into the website go to the Payments page: "Payments" which can be found on the main HOME PAGE from the Shop/Payments menu bar.
  7. Select only 1 of the Payment Products for each playing member. Each family member should be paid for separately. Only select the REDUCED fee membership type if you have already completed the full price membership for the first child, or your child is in the U6's or Girls section.
  8. A separate payment product needs to be selected for each playing member.
  9. When you click on the "View Product" button, a description of the Membership Payment product is displayed.
  10. Click on the "Buy this product" button
  11. You may be asked to login on the next screen before being prompted for the player that the product is being purchased for:
  12. Enter the name of the player and search - selecting the name of the player required. New players will be prompted to confirm their details.
  13. Click Continue, then check that the membership details are all up to date on the payment form, before clicking Continue.
  14. The following screen will be displayed:
  15. Enter your Email address, Credit/Debit Card number, Expiry date & Security code. Click on Pay button. This will take payment through the Stripe payment gateway and an email will be sent to your email address.
  16. Payment confirmation will be provided and by clicking Confirm you will initiate payment from your bank account.
  17. If you have any problems, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions on the club web site here.
  18. If you have a problem in completing the Stripe payment process and have online banking facilities may transfer funds direct into Junior Blues Bank Account. Account number: 91230662, sort code: 40:10:02 and ensure that the payment reference is the players surname/age group

Chris Wright