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Belgrave hang on for  desperate win for second week running

Belgrave hang on for desperate win for second week running

richard pollard14 Jan 2023 - 19:46
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Written by a man back from the frontline with the usual suspects including the Brooks Brothers and Daisy Hunter

Today a home fixture against Melbourne rfc I have been missing for the last 12months and despite rumours of my where abouts I have been fighting against covid forces.They were finally defeated last week at the battle of Rons Cafe,thanks to much needed help from the Austen Brothers and the regulars of The Tom Hoskins pub.
The match official for the day Jenny Burrows a regular visitor to Belgrave over the years on the kick off Belgrave attacked the clubhouse end.On 15 minutes Belgrave won a lineout on the the Melbourne 22 the ball went through the backs to number 14 Tatenda Chirata who made for the line beating 4 defenders with a 20 yard run,Kev Curtis duly converted.On the following kick off Melbourne marched down the field and scored and converted.A 7 point draw.Still in the first half abelgrave attack saw the ball kicked over the top a diving Kevin Curtis went through the defence and touched down.To make the s core Belgrave 12 Melbourne 7.This concluded the entertainment for the day as try as they may neither team managed to score.
The main conversation consisted of how cold the wind was and what Daisy Hunter 10 months thought of it all,by the look on her face not a lot.Jenny Burrows then put an end to the proceedings,final score Belgrave 12 Melbourne 7.Yet again Belgrave hanging on for a fingertip win for the second week running
It must be added that Dave Smith of Melbourne won the prize for being the smartest turned out in his blazer and tie.
Which king was it who said who will rid me of this troublesome priest ,well who will rid me of this dry January.leave it with you.See you next week.
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