Tour 2013

Tour 2013

Brufc's first tour for a few years is on.

We will be touring 4th - 6th May 2013 to Bristol and Cardiff.

Contact has been made with a local Bristol team for a game or two on the saturday and we are in the process of finalising traveling over to Llanharan, who visited us this may, on the sunday.

The tour theme will be revealed in due course.

It will cost around £200 this will include the coach, hotels and a tour shirt though we are hoping to get this down, obviously any surplus money will be returned to you in liquid form. The same goes for fines money.

We will be putting payment plans in place and we will need a deposit by the end of September, this will be revealed soon.

Any of the tour commitee will be willing to accept your cash. These are:

Jack Blount, Simon Blount, Craig Tennick, Pete Dyer, Dan Carter, Simon Carter and Woz Hayward.